Card Dissections

Card Dissection: Ahsoka Tano (EW31)

My girl is here!!! Finally, Ahsoka comes to Star Wars: Destiny. This is a character card that once I saw, I knew I had do a card Dissection on. I know we don’t have the full set for Empire at War, but that doesn’t mean that we can not look at her as is. Join me as we take a look at the card my favorite character, Ashoka Tano (EW31).… Read More

Card Dissection: Mace Windu (EW34)

Let’s get this party started (get it? Because Mace apparently doesn’t like parties and his most famous line is “This party’s over” (in Star Wars, that is)). Ok, I will stop with the terrible puns, but let’s get right down to it. Empire at War has been revealed and the first card I was excited to see was, you got it, Mace Windu. Every since I saw him in Attack of the Clones I knew he was a bad ass; how else do you live in a galaxy far far away wielding a purple lightsaber and not be a bad ass. Not only does Mace show up on his own card, but he is also on Master of the Council (EW36) (we will get back to that card in a minute), which is saying something as he beat out Yoda for that card. But what has me most excited is the potential for Mace.… Read More

Card Dissection: Jyn Erso, Reckless Operative (SR44)

This card was one of the characters I obtained during my first night playing Star Wars: Destiny. At the time, I had no Starter Sets, and had simply attended a local tournament because the organizer had mentioned they’d be able to teach the game after the tournament. I was free for the evening so I figured I should go and learn what the game was all about. I pulled a Tie Pilot (SR4) from my first booster and had this one a little later on. Immediately, I knew I wanted to make a Jyn Erso (SR44) deck. She was a great lead character in one of my favorite Star Wars movies to date, and I was excited to test her out.… Read More

Card Dissection: Vibroknucklers (SR25)

Hello, and welcome to another Card Dissection! Today we’ll be looking at a quiet and elegant beauty of a weapon, which surprisingly, may be of interest not only for people that look for boosting their offensive capabilities. Those folks that like to manipulate their opponents cards will also find here something for them. Let’s take a closer look at those fancy Vibroknucklers!… Read More

Card Dissection: Chirrut Îmwe (SR35) “Blind Warrior”

Chirrut Îmwe, the Blind Warrior, Guardian of the Whills, steps into battlefields of Star Wars: Destiny to aid his allies in struggle against their opponents. Guided by the Force, he helps his friends with impressive fighting skills but also, thanks to his great faith in the Force, he can turn bad luck and missteps into an advantage. Let’s see what he can bring to the table!… Read More

Card Dissection: Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152)

There are a lot of cards to be excited about in Spirit of Rebellion, but in spite of all of the seemingly amazing cards that are sure to change our meta, I keep finding myself being most excited about Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152). That’s right; Force Speed (SR55) is amazing, Fast Hands (SR150) is really good, and of course, Palpatine (SR11) is going to get some love, even if he turns out to be non-competitive. And don’t get me wrong, those cards are great, but I’m still most excited about Cargo Hold, and I’m going to tell you why!… Read More

Card Dissection: Director Krennic (SR3) “Cruel But Brilliant”

Here we have the man responsible for the construction of the original Death Star, Director Orson Krennic (SR3). A charismatic, if fiery, official within the Empire, his drive and unscrupulous behavior helped elevate him through the ranks enough for him to go toe-to-toe with the venerated Grand Moff Tarkin.… Read More