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Top 10 List: Why to Play Mill

So you have taken the first step. Congratulations! You are on your way to being the most popular person in the universe. Everyone loves a mill player! They get invited to all the hip galactic parties, the fanciest restaurants, and they are all the talk at Yoda’s birthday get-togethers.

Not really.

To be a mill player you must know that your deck archetype is the least fun to play against, yet the most rewarding once victory has been achieved. It takes great skill to pilot a mill deck. So let’s take a ride and discuss the million dollar question:  Why should I play mill?

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Me, Myself, and Mill: Rivals Edition

So You Want to Be a Mill Player?

You are in luck! Welcome to an article geared at Mill players. No more do you have to read over articles that deal with melee and range damage as your way to victory. The most challenging way to win in this game is by Milling your opponent into submission. So come join me on this journey to find out what cards in Rivals will be best to add to your deck, whether you are playing Hero or Villain.

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Ruben’s TTS League Report – Episode I

Hello fellow dice throwers! Welcome to the TTS League Report for the most incredible game in this galaxy called Star Wars: Destiny. In this article and subsequent ones I will discuss each game I play against in the league tournament. I plan to discuss my initial thoughts, how the game went, any changes I plan to do for each round, and my final thoughts. I also want the reader to keep in mind that i am using only the cards I own in my collection. I suppose I can maximize each card but I know that in a real tournament if I don’t have the card, I cannot use it.  The Tournament Organizer told all players they can switch out decks in between games and/or cards. I plan to tweak my deck but not change it to a new one.

So let’s get on with the show….

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