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5 Tips for New Star Wars: Destiny players

So you wanna play Star Wars: Destiny. I know at first glance the game looks both exciting and intimidating. Both are true, the game is very exciting and fun. Especially being in its infancy, you can grow with the meta. Yet, the game can be intimidating at the same time. Lack of product and a strong following can make it tough to break into the game and be competitive. But with these tips, hopefully you can jump in head first and start enjoying this wonderful game Fantasy Flight Games has provided us in no time.

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Deck Power Rankings Part 1 – Villains

The meta in any collectible game is always shifting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few weeks after a product release or a few months, players always find a way to incorporate new deck strategies, which in turn leads to other players creating strategies to beat those. The change can be as simple as replacing a card or two, or even revamping an entire deck archetype. It is a vicious cycle that many, including myself, love. It applies to a whole lot of games, from Magic: The Gathering to X-Wing to Destiny. This two-part blog will highlight several current meta decks that I encounter (or play) frequently, what makes them popular, and why they work. Their viability in a tournament setting is a rating out of 10 stars. Now, any deck can get lucky once, so this rating is based on consistency of the deck.

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Deck Analysis: Sister Tusken, oh the time has come

Welcome my fellow gamer girls and guys to an Analysis on a deck I’ve had some success with running lately. I welcome you to “Sister Tusken, oh the time has come!” First, I’ll go over cards and then go onto the strategy of the deck and suggestions on making some changes for your local scene if you have a different meta.

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Your first Star Wars: Destiny Tournament

Fantasy Flight Games just released version 1.0 of their Star Wars: Destiny tournament rules.  Game stores have, or will soon receive, any tournament kits that they have ordered from their distributor.  So, many stores will start to be hosting tournaments soon.  As such, for those players who are new to the tournament scene, or haven’t attended a tournament in some time, this article is for you.

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Deckbuilding Thoughts: First Step into a Larger World

As a longtime fan of Fantasy Flight Games and a veteran of Decipher’s Star Wars and Star Trek CCG I am offering my thoughts and consideration when building a 30 card, 30 point Star Wars: Destiny deck. Due note that I am building this deck with the cards in my collection, and not a theory crafted “best” build.  I am doing this because, as a collectable card and dice game, not everyone will have every card to make the best deck.  I will, however, note cards that I wish to have replaced and what I want to replace them with.

My first step when building a deck is to decide what type of deck I want to make. Since there are two ways to win the game, by defeating your opponent’s characters or remove all their cards in their deck and hand, the deck I want to build needs to focus on doing one of those tasks.  Do I want to play the long game and deal lots of damage slowly?  Do I want to go for burst damage and be able to deal enough damage to defeat a character in a single action?  Do I want to control your opponents dice and prevent them from controlling yours?  A lot of it comes down to my creativity and the cards I own.

My characters for this deck are a two dice Luke Skywalker (AW35) and a Hired Gun (AW47) for a total of 28 points. I chose to play these two characters because Luke is great for dealing large amounts of damage without needing to spend any resources to do so, and you draw a card when you activate him, so it gives you more options each turn.  The Hired Gun in the deck also has good burst damage, and yes, you do have to pay for it. … Read More

Shaping Destiny – Issue 2: Probabilities

Hello everyone and welcome back to Shaping Destiny. In this issue I will be talking about probabilities in Star Wars Destiny. Before I do that let’s first get the meaning of what probability is.

Probability is: the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.

As with many games, probabilities plays a part in an approach to this game for those who like to break a game down and take their gaming to the next level. Knowing what the probabilities are and making moves according is an advanced skill that can take you to the next level of gameplay but by no means guarantees victory. Probabilities in this game can consist of many factors including but not limited to dice rolls, cards in opening hand, drawing cards you need, and much more. In this issue we will be talking about probabilities in relation to dice and cards.

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The Chance Cube – Episode III: Deck Building Considerations

In this episode, I cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze card #45 Finn, and dive into this week’s topic, “Deck Building Considerations, ” where I discuss the rules around deck building and things to consider as we move towards the release date of this game.

So keep your credits close and enemies closer, as we explore Star Wars: Destiny!

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The Chance Cube – Episode II: One Die, Two Dice

In this episode, you will find an array of Star Wars: Destiny excitement.  I cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze card #89 Power of the Dark Side, and dive into this week’s topic, “One Die, Two Dice, ” where I discuss the benefits of bringing one or two dice characters to the game.

So keep your credits close and enemies closer, as we explore Star Wars: Destiny!

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