About Us

The Chance Cube

The Chance Cube is a non-profit media network dedicated to the education and exploration of Star Wars: Destiny, a unique Card and Dice game from Fantasy Flight Games.  The Chance Cube is maintained by a group of volunteers known as The Chance Cube Family, and together they create a weekly podcast, blogs, YouTube videos, Twitch stream, and so much more. By the fans and for the fans of Star Wars: Destiny.

Our guiding principles are as follows:


To inform, educate, and promote a strong community through the use of tabletop games.


The Chance Cube will support tabletop gaming through news coverage, education, and community development:
News coverage – We will provide players and fans the most up to date news on the latest from the game developers, players from all levels of competition, and events around the world.
Education – We will provide resources to teach games to new players, help existing players perform better, and explore the creation of games and the lore behind them.
Community development – Leveraging our brand values, we will create opportunities to develop the community of gamers, including the creation or support of events, charitable activities, and maintaining platforms in person and online as a safe place for fans to gather and participate in the community.


The Chance Cube is committed to fulfilling its purpose through humility, inclusivity, and partnership:
Humility – we will strive to provide content and experiences of the highest quality, but will never profess to be the most skilled or best at what we do, continuing the leverage the skills and talents of the community to make us better.
Inclusivity – we are fully inclusive, leveraging the skills and knowledge of individuals of all genders, races, nationalities, and sexual orientation, and of players who are both competitive and casual fans.
Partnership – we will be good partners to all related organizations and individuals who are, in whole or in part, involved with the activities of this corporation, and will be supportive of game and product developers, event producers, and peer organizations.