Ongoing eKylo/Grevious The Ending!

I’m finally throwing in the towel for this deck. Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Above is the latest build I feel comfortable with giving out and think you’ll enjoy it as well.


When I first started this journey of trying to do an ongoing series, I started with a different approach in mind thinking I would be running a ranged-heavy build in Cad (EW18)/Phasma (TP2). Then when the updated cost of Phasma hit, that made that deck a little less volatile with Ciena (EW1). I think that deck could have done great in the end, but I asked again and the people wanted this!

I found the character selection a little intimidating. Kylo (TP1) by himself is like a blender with a speed setting of “random”. Depending on what you are playing against could mean either A LOT of extra damage, or if you’re against a rainbow of colors, disaster. We also have a nice array of grey cards to stock even mono-color decks so he’s not always going to give that extra two damage. His sides aren’t that bad, but that pay side can really hurt you in the long run. While he only has the one pay side, so does Grievous (AW3) and that will eventually come back to bite you in this deck as resources are quite limited.

Speaking of Grievous, let’s break him down. He’s good, he also has that dreaded pay side as well, and really when you look at his and Kylo’s side, they are almost identical minus that Grevious can hit for three for a resource. It’s the abilities that really make them shine. Most people tend to go after Kylo and that would make the choice of whom to load up first quite easy. Unless I had the Crossguard Saber (TP7) I would put most things on Grievous; when you’re able to get free damage, people tend to want to eliminate you.

The biggest downfall of this deck is its starting dice. At max you’ll get a high of seven. Other decks can top out with ten for the starting roll, that’s really a big difference. I really wish we could get some extra dice into the mix, and eventually we will with the Rivals Anakin Skywalker (RV1) being able to bring two dice for just the thirteen points!

Resources… we don’t need.. oh wait yes we do!

One of the other biggest issues I’ve had with this deck is its ability to suck up resources like it’s the last man in line at an all-you-can-eat buffet! With both Kylo and Grievous having a pay side to do damage, you are really hoping the first turn you’ll roll into a Logistics at the start of the game and get a resource side so you’ll be on the plus side after you’ve played a two cost weapon. I recently read a little review about another version of the deck that has tried to shy away from all cost one events so that it can use those resources for either doing damage or piling on the upgrades so it doesn’t include the Logistics, if you feel like it’s slowing you down feel free to take it out.

Where to go from here.

I feel this deck is something that might be a Tier 1.5 at best with what we have to offer so far. When Rivals and Legacies is legal, I can see the deck getting some really good upgrades and even changing a bit to have a different approach with a different character set all together. If we take out Grievous, we can go mono blue and include Grandpa and Grandson with the new Anakin Skywalker from rivals at thirteen points to round out the team to an even thirty points. I also like the idea of Lobot (RV2) as well; yes he doesn’t have sticks for damage sides, but what he does bring to the game is less pressure on Kylo, and with the addition of some of the new weapons, especially Crafted Lightsaber (RV6), it could prove to make Kylo a beast. I would then even put back in the Leadership (AW141) to make Kylo more of a threat. The deck doesn’t really need to claim as often as you would need, so you might not always get his guardian ability, but Lobot is dangerous enough of a support person I could see your opponent going for him. Some of the newer cards that have redeploy would also fit very nicely in the deck to make it that much more painful of an option for them to go after Kylo.

With the additional upgrades like the Crafted Lightsaber, we’ll probably see something like this opening turn. You activate Kylo, forgoing the initial equip of any of the upgrades you have so you can get the full use of either mitigation cards or resolve any of the pay sides. Then if you don’t use those resources, you can equip that sword to Kylo. I could even see Lobot being quite useful with his resolve special and focus is NEVER a bad thing to see on dice either. Since we do have the full list of cards, we can start theory-crafting some of the decks that could possibly come out of the new “meta”. I think Kylo is one such character that will “Bring balance to the force” as he does keep in check mono-color decks. Luckily, he has been a little more balanced as we now have a good chunk of neutral color (Grey) cards that can now be put into the mono decks that are good ways to counter his ability.


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