The Chance Cube Exclusive: Legacies Spoilers

Thanks to the graciousness of Fantasy Flight Games, we are happy to bring you a few spoilers from Legacies. This time, we have an all red hero slate for you.  Enjoy the cards and the thoughts from our family on each one.  Be sure to check out our Podcast Byte and YouTube video as well.


The true heroes of the Clone Wars were the Clone Troopers, but they were ultimately responsible for the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order as depicted in this great card art. Now, with Star Wars: Destiny Legacies we can see what the Clone Troopers are made of, much like the Death Troopers the Clone Troopers cost and health are even although they are weaker than the Death Troopers at 8 versus 10. However, what makes the Clone Trooper unique is the ability to reroll a dice after activation, making him a terrific addition in the event of a miss roll which could be common with his double blank sides. I would love to see the Clone Trooper paired with other heroes who can group with him and deal a great deal of damage potentially, such as an Poe Dameron (AW29), Sabine Wren (EW40) or Jyn Erso (SR44), while their health would be lower than most of the meta, quick damage and dice mitigation would be the keys to survival. I look forward to the release of Legacies and all the great additions that can be made to the play experience!

– Kyle Sorenson


My initial impressions of the E-11 Blaster are very positive. We have a 2 cost weapon with redeploy which immediately makes this very playable. Hero players are especially going to love this since it is neutral, and three out of the other five 2 cost redeploy weapons are villain only. We are also used to seeing weapons with 3 damage sides have at least one paid side. The E-11 Blaster has 3 damage sides, two of them black damage, and none of those are paid sides. For me, this blaster falls between F-11D Rifle (AW8) and LL-30 Blaster Pistol (EW22) in power level. It will see obvious play in red villain, but it also gives red hero a great reason to take a fresh look at range damage decks.

– Seth Taylor


I’m excited to see this card, especially since it’s hero only. Here we have a card whose only limitation is you have to have a red character to have it in your deck.

As it stands now, there isn’t really a blaster heavy team for heroes, except for Sabine/Ezra, but with this card, we could start seeing some of those teams emerge. So what makes the card good? Well, we have a 1 cost card that allows you to reroll a die and resolve it before your opponent can do anything. Added to that, you can resolve another die showing blaster as well, rather it be a modifier or not. And if that’s not good enough, you can increase the value of one of those dice by 2. Here we have the potential ability to get a devastating amount of damage out to an opponent’s character without your opponent being able to stop it. Granted, this is a dice game and you could always roll poorly (we’ve all seen it) but the fact that this one card could have you and your opponent on the edges of your seats make it even more exciting.

– Michael Campbell

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