Ongoing eKylo/Grievous Part 3 (technically two for eKylo/Grievous but eh whatever!)

So last time I left you all with a deck list of and had made some really good choices from the previous build. One of the biggest issues I was having was some of the mitigation cards weren’t really cutting it, so I needed to cut back on a few and go with cheaper options. I’ve been finding this deck is REALLY tight on the resources. I never really like giving my opponent free damage with Enrage (AW81) but with as greedy as this deck is with the funds, you’ll need it.

So going into my Sunday game I’m feeling quite happy with the deck so far. My first opponent is none other than Mrs. Kim Breeze!! Oh how exciting! Problem – the night before she requested I give her a decklist… sooo she’s running a Mace Windu (EW34) deck and I know exactly what’s in there.

Kim just can’t!

She’s running an untested version of Mace. I know I need to finish Mace ASAP, or he can put out the damage. She does get a Guard (SR103) off early but I was able to get around that and take down Mace. She can’t roll damage sides to save her life at all. I think I was able to take it after four rounds. Hey, at least I bought her and Jim a drink beforehand, right??

Enter the Ezra!

I played against this deck originally when I first had the errata handed out and it kicked my butt. It is Rey (AW38), eMaz (SR45), eEzra (EW38). The deck, if you haven’t seen it, resolves around getting upgrades out on Rey then getting the Funeral Pyre (EW104) down to push those over to Maz or Ezra if Rey dies. I decided that instead of messing with Rey to go after Ezra first. My deck struggles if resources are disrupted or stolen; luckily I was able to wipe him out the first turn, then I took down Maz next and it was all over.

Palp… yipee

I wasn’t completely shutdown this time, but again it came down to a single card color at the end. I called Blue, pulled Grey. What can you do? I got lucky with hitting most of my mitigation cards, but I wasn’t able to pull ahead with upgrades. The round I lost it all was when I had all upgrades in my hand I should have pitched everything the previous turn to draw into removal/Force Illusion (SR135). Indomitable (EW72) proved VERY powerful for my opponent in basically extending Palp’s life by six.

Mike… The mirrored rematch…

Mike again we’re both 2-1 and we’re both running the same deck. Again we get down to the wire. He was able to get a lead on upgrades over me and I wasn’t able to pull a single Force Illusion while he was and his Grievous got upgraded more than mine. We’re almost identical in the cards we are running at this point, but we’ve also both changed out slight things each time we play.

So I ended up going 2-2 with this version. My two losses came down to the wire, so while they are a loss, I don’t count them as a total wipe. I think this deck is almost finished and is about as good as it will get. I’ve been organizing my cards and going over my extras at this point so I haven’t had a chance to redo or change anything in the deck. The only thing I might add would be an Intimidate (AW84, TP18) to combat the increase of shields.

Hopefully I’ll get some time this week to put a new version out there for everyone!


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