Come join the Dark Side, we’ve got cookies!!!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written before the release of Empire at War, and will not include any cards from the set.]

So as most of you know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Han/Rey, and I’m finally of the opinion that they just won’t work for me. So I have taken that deck apart and am now working on a Darth Vader (AW10) and Royal Guard (SR12).

Then of course, we just got this fancy new two-player starter set with new cards.

With this came a new Captain Phasma (TP2) that we can now run with Big Daddy Vader, rounding in at 30 points total and 23 hit points for two characters.

We also are getting some nice upgrades for both Darth Vader AND Captain Phasma in the starter deck as well. The Crossguard Lightsaber (TP7) can be used by either one, but really will shine with Darth Vader. While my current version of this deck will not showcase Captain Phasma’s Blaster, I could see it being a staple in other decks that feature more of making Phasma a star. I am thinking I might add it in later, because even if you don’t have Phasma, Vader can hit hard with it and his normal dice out on the board.



Force / Command

Sets: From Awakenings to Two-Player Game


Secluded Beach, Scarif (SR158)


2x Darth Vader, Sith Lord (AW10)
1x Captain Phasma, Ruthless Tactician (TP2)


2x Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber (AW15)
2x Holdout Blaster (AW63)
2x Z6 Riot Control Baton (SR8)
2x Force Speed (SR55)
2x Vibroknife (SR57)
2x Crossguard Lightsaber (TP7)


2x Tactical Mastery (AW74)
2x The Best Defense… (AW75)
1x Feel Your Anger (AW82)
2x Force Strike (AW83)
2x Isolation (AW85)
2x Leadership (AW141)
2x Logistics (AW142)
1x Doubt (SR80)
2x Overconfidence (SR130)
2x Clash (TP17)

I’ve opted for a more control set of cards in my deck and took out Price of Failure (SR77) in prep for Empire at War inclusion of Coercion (EW81) and that card will REALLY make you think twice about playing any copies of Price. I’ve also gone a little more heavy into the upgrade side of things, but have also thought about taking out Isolation for Enrage (AW81).

I ran a version of the deck without the Holdout Blasters, and one of the games my opponent went after Vader HARD and was able to kill him before I could get the Leadership going and missed having more ranged sides for Phasma. I’d almost want to put in her own Blaster for Holdout, but I already have two weapons that cost three, and Kylo’s Saber is just too good now to pass up with the multiple activation from Leadership.

While I find the Force Speed to be REALLY great, I also wanted to have another way to get more actions out of the turn and felt the Tactical Mastery was also needed, especially if I don’t draw Force Speed in the opening hand. Now keep in mind you won’t be claiming that often during the round, you’ll be using the Force Speed to get more actions, maybe use a Clash to turn your die to something good, then hit your opponent.

This is still a deck in the making so don’t just expect to sit down with it and win outright, but it’s a good point to start off and customize it to your liking.

Until next time, keep your dice off the Blanks!!

The Ken


  1. AvalonAB

    Question: I am new to the game. Darth Vader is unique, so why do you have 2 copies?

    1. Jason

      Hey Avalon,

      The indication of two copies is that he’s running Darth Vader at his “elite” form, one card but two dice. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

  2. Evan

    While I appreciate your analysis, you picked 2 of virtually every single difficult to get card…this deck should just be called “follow the meta”

    If ypu were paying for singles this deck would be nearly $300.

    1. Kenneth Earnest (Post author)


      Thanks for the feedback, this deck is on the expensive side of things that’s for sure, you could swap out some of the higher end cards, like Force Speed and Riot Baton for other weapons now that EaW has dropped. I’ve got another article coming up that focusues on the new version of this deck, but I’m afraid you’ll see the same Meta Cards I’m afraid. I will try to make more budget friendly decks in the future.

      1. Evan

        I know it’s not totally your fault, I just wish that upgrades like Force Speed, Vibro Knife, and Hold Out Blaster were not so “auto-include” in every single deck to be competitive.

        But seriously, you have three sets of legendaries. So, what, buy at least six booster boxes? And hope?

        I suppose at some point every CCG becomes pay-to-win.

        1. Evan

          My apologies, eight legendaries.

        2. Kenneth Earnest (Post author)

          If there are alternatives to weapons that aren’t legendary you bet! The problem stems from a lack of cards that provide the same power as those legendaries. Is force speed needed?? No, but it helps get around your opponents ability to mitigate your dice. Now with the inclusion of cards like Rend, force speed isn’t an auto include every time.

          Vibroknife And Holdouts are usually included in most builds because of their usefulness as well as they can go into ANY deck.

          Eight Legendaries is quite high I will admit. Now keep in mind this was done without consideration for EAW cards, so you can easily replace some of the weapons with new or updated versions from EAW. Shoto Saber is becoming a favorite of mine, Makashi Training is still viable as well.

          As far as Big Daddy Vader, you could also switch him out for his younger version and then the deck does take on a different approach, but it’s still viable.


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