Star Wars Destiny First Experience and Store Championships

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the great game that is Star Wars: Destiny. Prior to Destiny, my experience was extended to games such as Magic: The Gathering and Magi-Nation. The greatest draw to me was that, for once, there was a game that was Star Wars-based that I could recognize and fully get behind without having to feel like I was lost in lore. From the beautiful artwork to the easy-to-follow gameplay, not to mention the great people I have met along the way, my experience with Star Wars: Destiny has been a treat.

Into the Deep End

Star Wars Destiny Store Championship Palpatine Deck List

The focus of my first article goes beyond my first experience with Star Wars: Destiny and into my first Store Championship. When I first started with my ePalpatine (SR11) deck, I had found myself losing constantly against others, especially the deck I dreaded most: Poe/Maz. Although the great part about losing was that I learned, especially thanks to player and fellow Chance Cube family member Jenna Marion and other players like her who, even after defeating you, will walk you through what happened and what you can do next time.

For my first store championship, I knew I would have to travel. Star Wars: Destiny in my area is still rather new, with my local game shop only have a couple players who play. When I went to the Desert Sky Games in Gilbert, which is in another town, I was not quite sure what to expect. What I found was one of the best experiences in gaming I have had. We were looking at 32 players with a truly diverse set of decks. I had not even expected such a turn out considering my past experiences closer to home. Not only my ePalpatine, but eVader/Raider, ePoe/eMaz, Unkar/FN-2199/Royal Guard, ePhasma/FO Stormtrooper/Bala-Tik, and so many more. It was truly a great experience getting to play against a variety of decks. Sadly, as good as I hoped I would do, I came 28th out of 32.

Star Wars Destiny Store Championship Prizes

Palpatine Mirror Match at Star Wars Destiny Store ChampionshipOne of the first things I learned, it is a pain playing a mirror match as they can be truly close games. While it is a pain, playing a mirror match is one of the most fun types of match up I can think of.  In the instance of two mirror matches I lost during the tournament, I found that they came down to two major mistakes on my part. The first being, do not become too greedy. In my haste to end the game, I discarded to re-roll my dice, at which point I gave my opponent the opportunity to resolve that dice against me, and that gave them the win. In my next mirror match, I failed to take my time and rushed through my turns, which caused me to miss some truly crucial combos with No Mercy (AW86) and dice mitigation. Towards the end of my time in the tournament, I had started learning from my mistakes and turned a potential shutout into a win at the end.

Despite my losses, I stuck around to see the final match between ePhasma/Bala-Tik/FO Trooper and ePoe/eMaz. With a best two-out-of-three to determine who the winner was, it gave me an opportunity to see how the two would handle different versions of the same game. What I saw was a great match between two decks that I had struggled against. In the end, ePoe/eMaz won and I had my first experience in a well-run Store Championship at Desert Sky Games. If there were to be any concluding thoughts I would pass on to those thinking about playing in their first store championship, it would be to not overthink and take your time. Do not let the timer dictate your speed, slow yourself down and enjoy the experience.

Star Wars Destiny Store Championship Finals at Desert Sky Games


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