New Cards Found in Re:Roll

The US team of the good folks at Beasts of War ( posted a demo video and wrote a bit about the game in “Re:Roll”, their backstage supporters’ journal. In the pictures there, a couple of new cards were spoiled. It is pictures of pictures, so the quality is not the best, but hey, it’s a spoiled card, right?

We start off with a blue hero support card that costs 1 resource. There was a non-English version spoiled today already, but here are a few snippets of the English card. Unfortunately the picture is not very good due to rotation and enlargements (Note: Picture has since been replaced). The card text of “The Force is Strong (AW125)” reads: “Action – Exhaust this support and discard a Blue card from your hand to play another copy of that card from your hand for free”. At first glance it seems really powerful, but it might be hard to get this upgrade out and get the only two copies of a card onto your hand at the same time. I have to think a bit more about it. Anyway, let’s get those playsets.

Next up, we have the Hired Gun. He is the heros’ unnamed yellow character, costing 8 points for 9 HP. The dice looks quite balanced. This character deals out quite a bit of damage, but it comes at a resource cost. At the same time he produces those resources on two of the sides of his die. So in theory, on average he produces the very resources that he needs to activate his guns.

The third new card is a unique yellow villain upgrade with a cost of 4 resources. With the “Prized Possession (AW102)” (aka Han Solo in Carbonite) the villain player can completely lock a hero character die for as long as the upgrade is out. While this upgrade will draw more attention than let’s say “Draw Attention (AW128)” to the character who holds it, this might be exactly what you want to make your opponent decide if they want to go for the character that already has some damage on, or the healthy one that blocks one of their dice. Anyway, just by blocking the die you will win some time and this might be the all-important difference between victory and defeat.

Finally we have the real treat. What does a good hero do against the mighty Sith Holocron (AW16)? How can a few Tusken Raiders (AW22) battle against a mighty lightsaber? The answer is here in form of a 1 resource cost, yellow, neutral event fittingly called “Disarm (AW158)” and it even is a common.

You pay 1 resource and resolve one of your damage dice. Instead of inflicting damage, you can discard an upgrade or a weapon of the appropriate cost. So there is a simple way to get rid of cheaper upgrades, at least for a yellow deck.

What do you think of these cards? Let us know below!

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