Primer for The Chance Cube Open


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Version – 2.0 (04/21/2017)


The Chance Cube Open: A Warm-Up To Worlds presented by Miniature Market is designed with both the casual and competitive player in mind.  Taking place in various phases, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


10:00am– Event Room Opens for free play.
5:00pm– Check-in for the Competitive (RED) Tournament and Padawan (GREY) Tournament
5:30pm– Live Q&A With Lukas Litzsinger, lead designer for Star Wars: Destiny
6:00pm– Briefing of the Evening
6:15pm– First Games Begin for RED and GREY
11:00pm– Venue Closed



During the Casual (Yellow) Phase, event participants will have the opportunity to play in a variety of game formats.  Bring your decks and play games with The Chance Cube Family and other guests, both locally and visiting from out of town for the World Championship.  While this format is largly unstructured, any of the following events may kick off based on participation levels:

8-Person Tournament Pods

Once 8 participants have signed up, they will be randomly placed on a single-elimination tournament bracket.  Gameplay will proceed per standard tournament guidelines with 35-minute rounds.  Once a participate loses, they are then eligible to participate in any other activity.

LEGAL CARDS: Awakenings


Get thrown into the fray with a 3- or 4-person free-for-all match.  Gameplay will follow standard free-for-all rules.

LEGAL CARDS: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion at All Player’s Discretion

2 vs 2

Grab a friend or loved one and jump into a tag-team match against an opponent.  The following guidelines will be followed:

  • You and your partner must be either all hero characters or all villain characters.
  • Character uniqueness rules apply within each team (e.g., both players on a team may not field Luke Skywalker). Does this apply also to other unique cards (e.g., Rey’s Staff)?
  • Play will begin with the player who won the roll off.  Afterwards, play will alternate between teams and players as such: Player A, Team 1; Player A, Team 2; Player B, Team 1; Player B, Team 2
  • Each player will bring a standard 30 card deck following standard deck building rules matching the character team that they brought.
  • Players on the same team must use their own hand and their own resources, play upgrades on their own characters, and cannot use their teammates cards as their own. However, they may discuss strategy with their team mate and show them their hand.
  • When a player loses all the characters on their team, they are NOT eliminated!   They are allowed to continue to play events, supports, including activating supports and resolving their dice.
  • A winner is determined when all characters for both players on a team have been defeated, or when both players no longer have cards in their hands or cards in their deck during the upkeep phase.

LEGAL CARDS: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion at All Player’s Discretion

Free Play

If you are just looking to get a few games in, you can sign up for a free play match. Our tournament organizer will pair you up with someone, and you can play as many games as you’d like.  Want to switch it up? Visit the tournament organizer again to find a new playing partner. If no one is available, we will pull someone from the staff to engage in a friendly game.

LEGAL CARDS: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion (Must declare that your deck contains Spirit of Rebellion cards and your opponent must agree to their use.)



During the Competitive (Red) Phase and Padawan (Grey) Phase, event participants will have the opportunity to play in a competitive, Swiss-style tournament.

Please observe the following rules.

Deck Building

Each player must build one team of characters and a deck to use in a tournament. A team of characters must include at least one character and cannot exceed 30 points, though it may contain fewer than 30 points. A player may choose to field heroes or villains, but cannot have both on his or her team. Each deck must contain exactly 30 cards. Each player must also select exactly one battlefield. Players must use the same team, deck, and battlefield for the duration of the tournament.  Legal cards will include Awakenings only.

Deck List

Players must provide a copy of their deck list upon registering for the tournament.  If the participant does not have one to provide, a blank deck list sheet will be made available to fill out prior to the first game.

Card Sleeves

Players are required to sleeve their deck in opaque card sleeves. All sleeves within a single deck must be identical in size, color, texture, and condition. Players may sleeve their characters and battlefield. Players should bring a few spare sleeves for their deck in case a card sleeve breaks or becomes unusable during the tournament.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will consist of Swiss rounds based on number of participants.  Each Swiss round will be 35 minutes long. There will be no top cut, and prizes will be distributed based on final standings after the final game.