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Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League Match Results (Part 3)

Continuing on, this is Part 3 of my Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League.  This is a recounting of my fifth opponent’s games.

My fifth opponent was honeybee from Arizona.  A new(er) player to Tabletop Simulator, she did have a great working knowledge of the game and rules from all her real life playing.  We had a slight issue early on with getting both our microphones to work properly so we could hear each other, but once that was handled, things went smoothly.  Like normal, I had setup the server and had my first deck out and ready to go before my opponent showed up.  That way there I don’t have any “players bias” in choosing a deck to start with that would dominate their chosen deck.

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Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League Match Results (Part 2)

This is a continuation of me talking about the games I played in Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League.

My fourth set of matches were against PewPewHan, who is from England.  Both games were very, very quick.  He only had one deck saved on Tabletop Simulator, the dreaded eDarth Vader (AW 10)/Tusken Raider (AW 22).  The first match was a mirror match with my Vader/Raider combo.  I got very, very lucky the first game with my opening hand as well as getting great dice rolls.  The match lasted 2 rounds, as I had already taken down his Darth Vader.  At that point, given that he didn’t have anything going for him, he conceded.  He made the right move.  Having no upgrades on his Tusken Raider, and a couple of good upgrades on my cards, it was only a matter of time before his Tusken Raider was defeated as well.

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Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League Match Results (Part 1)

For those of you who do not know, the Star Wars: Destiny Tabletop Simulator League Season 1 started up, December 12th.  This 8-week league pits players from all over the world against each other.  Players are grouped into pods of 8, trying as much as possible to keep players in the same pod who can play at the same time.  You play two games against each player in your pod, and results are recorded on the Challonge.com website.  You are allowed to switch decks between games and opponents, and you don’t have to play both games against the same opponent at the same time.  I was assigned to Group R.  I will post how each of my matches go on The Chance Cube.

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