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The Chance Cube Open – Recap

Wow! The Chance Cube Open brought more excitement then we could have imagined.  We loved bringing this event to Worlds and thank everyone who attended and supported us! The final game came down to the last health point for the last character on each side! It was a nail biter until the very end. It was a tight competition, with five of the top eight going 4-1 overall.

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Guest Post: Tournament Play Etiquette

Today, we share an article from guest author Paolo Fernandes, about the importance of etiquette and how to enjoy the tournament scene.

Tournament Play Etiquette

By Paolo Fernandes


I know playing Destiny is not at all about trophies or medals (but as are you all, I’m extremely excited Worlds is around the corner), and even less about fame and leaving a legacy to your family’s name. But we cannot deny a very large group of players have been drawn by how competitive Star Wars: Destiny can be. The competitive scene, as in any other game, can be both fun, engaging, and challenging, but also frustrating and disappointing, depending on how you experience it.

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Mission: Board Games Tournament Report 01/12/17

Mission: Board Games in Mission, KS held a late night Star Wars: Destiny tournament, complete with booster packs for prizes and a tournament kit.  It started at 9:30pm so it would end at roughly midnight (before the cut), so participants would be able to buy his resupply of boosters on their street date of 01/13.  Sixteen players did show up, including both Kevin K and myself from The Chance Cube.  It did help that the area was already under an ice storm warning starting Friday morning, and that most of the area schools cancelled classes (and several businesses), so there were more people able to be up and out later than normal for a Thursday.  It went very well.  Mason, the owner of the store, ran a great tournament.  I decided to go because I do much more playing online, and wanted the opportunity to play more physical games.

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Your first Star Wars: Destiny Tournament

Fantasy Flight Games just released version 1.0 of their Star Wars: Destiny tournament rules.  Game stores have, or will soon receive, any tournament kits that they have ordered from their distributor.  So, many stores will start to be hosting tournaments soon.  As such, for those players who are new to the tournament scene, or haven’t attended a tournament in some time, this article is for you.

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Star Wars: Destiny Tournament Regulations

Fantasy Flight Games has a very well run Organized Play (OP) program for all of their competitive games.  Along with the ladder tournament system (Relaxed, Store Championship, Regional, National, and Worlds), they provide excellent support for local run events, leagues, and other major conventions and events.  As part of their effort to standardize their tournaments, they release official FAQ’s and tournament regulations, updating both as needed.  Fantasy Flight Games just released version 1.0 of their Star Wars: Destiny Tournament Regulations.  This is an overview of those regulations which go into effect January 1, 2017.

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