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Tournament Report: Asheville Extravaganza

The Asheville Extravaganza was the first large scale tournament in the local area and the talk leading up to it was that there was going to be a huge turn out. Leading up to the event, my testing partner Chase and I had been going back and forth on a few different decks. I was high on Villain Blue deck variations while Chase had been having a lot of success with Hero Red. I think in the two weeks leading up to the event, we put in about 10-15 games throwing our best takes on both decks against each other. We kept finding that the Hero Red (more about this later) was winning at a high percentage against non-melee decks but had a somewhat unfavorable match up against Blue Villains.

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Guest Post: Tournament Report – Grievous/Nightsister/Tusken Raider

Allow us to present a tournament report from guest writer Laura Keith:

I play a lot of Game of Thrones tournaments, but this was my first Star Wars: Destiny event. We had a great group of players and it was a really fun day. I had only played this deck twice before the tournament and lost both times to eHan/eRey, so I assumed I wouldn’t do well, but I still wanted to playtest a bit. I think it turned out alright! There are a few details I do remember, since I wasn’t planning on doing a write-up, I wasn’t paying super-close attention.

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GUEST POST – Tournament Report: Family Time Games in Indianapolis

On December 31, 2017 at Noon, Family Time Games in Indianapolis had 33 seekers of the Force in a Clash of Fates. To the victor, Kylo Ren alternate-art Card and boosters were at stake. Kylo Ren alternate-art cards going to top four. One full box of 36 boosters to winner, 8 booster packs to 2nd thru 4th and 4 boosters to those in 5th thru 16th. Everyone who participated received alternate-art card of the First Order Tie Fighter.

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