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Lessons Learned – Mull(igan)ing it Over

Contrary to the popular internet rumor that keeps following me around saying I’m an amazing, high-tier tournament-level tactician (and crazy good-looking to boot), I don’t have a ton of hyper-competitive experience–on purpose, in most cases. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to compete, just that I don’t take it too seriously. It also means that Star Wars: Destiny is one of the very few games I’ve given a lot of effort into being better at, and as such I’m learning many things that might be second nature to many others. While I typically try to write about things besides the actual gameplay (I leave that to the more knowledgeable bloggers here), I figured there are probably quite a few people that are in a similar situation and could benefit from some of my early lessons. With that in mind, allow me to pass on what I’ve learned about one of the most important decisions you can make: the mulligan.

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Shaping Destiny – Issue 2: Probabilities

Hello everyone and welcome back to Shaping Destiny. In this issue I will be talking about probabilities in Star Wars Destiny. Before I do that let’s first get the meaning of what probability is.

Probability is: the extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.

As with many games, probabilities plays a part in an approach to this game for those who like to break a game down and take their gaming to the next level. Knowing what the probabilities are and making moves according is an advanced skill that can take you to the next level of gameplay but by no means guarantees victory. Probabilities in this game can consist of many factors including but not limited to dice rolls, cards in opening hand, drawing cards you need, and much more. In this issue we will be talking about probabilities in relation to dice and cards.

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Shaping Destiny – Issue 1: Assets

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog entry. In this issue we will be talking about assets in Star Wars: Destiny, but before we do lets first get the meaning of what an asset is.

An Asset is: a single item of ownership having exchange value

Now that we got the meaning out of the way, what are the assets in Star Wars: Destiny?

Star Wars: Destiny has three assets that can be used and managed by the player. They are cards (in their decks), dice, and resources. Let’s break them down.

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