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Product Review: Zen Bins, Destiny Edition!

For those of you looking for a great storage solution as well as a way to transport a team or two to tournaments, look no further! Zen Bins originally hit the market a few years ago with a custom product for Dice Masters. I backed it immediately and can say that I never had any regrets. Two-point-something odd years later, they are back on KickStarter with a storage solution for Star Wars: Destiny.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a prototype to test out, and see how I liked it. Before anyone thinks I’m only doing this review because I was sent a copy, you’re wrong. I went out of my way to contact them to get a copy so that I could review it because I loved their Dice Masters product so much.

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Product Review: Crafted Storage

I’ve been looking at all the different storage options for Star Wars: Destiny lately trying to find the one that fits me the best and this has led me to trying out pretty much everything I can think of. Some of these have worked better than others, but my most recent purchase was something I found rather unique and wanted to share with everyone. It is from a company called Crafted Storage¬†who have been making storage solutions for X-Wing for a while now but recently entered the Star Wars: Destiny arena. I was lucky enough to be able to get an early deck box order in and was beyond impressed with it.

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