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The Chance Cube – Episode VII: Playing A Game

Join us this week as cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze card #57 Force Throw, and dive into this week’s topic, “Playing A Game, ” where we talk about Jason’s experience playing the game for the first time and teaching it to a new player!  Also, find out how to enter to win our giveaway this week!

So keep your credits close and enemies closer, as we explore Star Wars: Destiny!

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Shaping Destiny – Issue 1: Assets

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog entry. In this issue we will be talking about assets in Star Wars: Destiny, but before we do lets first get the meaning of what an asset is.

An Asset is: a single item of ownership having exchange value

Now that we got the meaning out of the way, what are the assets in Star Wars: Destiny?

Star Wars: Destiny has three assets that can be used and managed by the player. They are cards (in their decks), dice, and resources. Let’s break them down.

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