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Product Review: Star Wars: Destiny Play Mats (A Game of Dice and Ire)

By now, many of you have likely seen the beautiful game mats being produced by A Game of Dice and Ire. While many players design and print their own play mats through printing services like Inked Gaming, there are a few designers of Destiny specific play mats on the market. So are these mats worth your consideration and investment? Let’s find out!

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Product Review: Quiver Carrying Card Case

The biggest struggle for many Star Wars: Destiny players is how to transport all the items they need for a tournament. For years I have been searching for a single-purpose tournament carrying case. I’ve tried backpacks, lunch boxes, laptop bags, camera cases… you name it. I have tried shoving deck boxes, tokens, and a play mat in all of them, trying to find that one simple solution to carry everything without weighing myself down or having something so bulky it takes up half a table.

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Product Review: Deluxe Deck Box (Armada Games)

While you only ever really need to have one deck to play Star Wars: Destiny, if you’re like me, you’ll want to pack more than one most of the time. Anytime that I’m headed to a casual meetup, I usually bring more than one deck. And that means that while single deck boxes are great, they’re somewhat less desirable than a deck box that can accommodate multiple decks. Enter the Deluxe Deck Box from Armada Games that holds three complete decks with dice. It certainly sounds like a convenient solution, but can it really hold three decks in a way that is convenient, organized, and portable? Let’s find out!

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Product Review: Destiny Tournament Tray (TeeHee Game Loot)

A few months ago, my Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) shared an image of some new custom, laser cut deck boxes that they were carrying in the store. These slim, easily portable Tournament Trays came from TeeHee Game Loot, and as soon as I saw them, I knew that I had to pick one up. Though I bought mine from my FLGS, who purchased them in large number from TeeHee Game Loot, you can also purchase them directly from their Etsy store with either a plain top or with custom art (for no additional fee). The boxes come unassembled and will require a small amount of labor and glue to construct. So are they worth the effort? Let’s check them out and see!

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Product Review: Zen Bins, Destiny Edition!

For those of you looking for a great storage solution as well as a way to transport a team or two to tournaments, look no further! Zen Bins originally hit the market a few years ago with a custom product for Dice Masters. I backed it immediately and can say that I never had any regrets. Two-point-something odd years later, they are back on KickStarter with a storage solution for Star Wars: Destiny.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a prototype to test out, and see how I liked it. Before anyone thinks I’m only doing this review because I was sent a copy, you’re wrong. I went out of my way to contact them to get a copy so that I could review it because I loved their Dice Masters product so much.

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Product Review: Pirate Lab Carrying Case – You Can Trust These Pirates

You’ve invested a great deal of time, energy, and money into building your Star Wars: Destiny decks. Now you need to transport them to the next tournament. With so many options out there to choose from, what do you use? Today, we’ll give you the specs on one option that we really like! I use it to transport all of my Destiny decks to and from events. With the durability, functionality, and style you want, Pirate Lab offers the card game cases you’ll love! I’ll focus on the Small Card Case that is offered, but there is a Large Card Case, Messenger Bag, and Backpack available for those of you who want to transport a larger number of cards.

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