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eYoda/eZeb – AKA How I Learned to Hate Yoda…

Welcome back ladies and girls to another round of.. HOW CRAZY CAN “THE KEN” BE!! After the Star Wars Legacies preview articles dropped, I, like everyone else, saw Yoda and was wondering how broken he might actually be. So far, I’ve seen quite a bit of the decks out there with Poe (TP25) and Yoda, but I wasn’t a fan of them, so I wanted to just make someone new more brutal. I chose Zeb as my original go-to guy as I love that his dice can go either melee or ranged and help with things such as the Light Bow to let you roll out with it and then resolve them to your hearts content. Also with Zeb’s ability, he makes it so that his dice can’t be Deflected (AW145). With the heroes chosen, the next step is to find out what to include. Obviously with Yoda you want to include stuff that has specials so you can chain them and make it work out for you. At least that’s what the idea was with this deck at this point. Having played it today, I feel more like Yoda doesn’t need to particularly special-chain for this deck.

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Welcome to Legacies, Age of the Mono Blue Heroes!

With Legacies primarily dropping in large quantities all over Europe, it’s only appropriate that we begin addressing the meta as something new. With hopeful eyes we look to that which we know for guidance; and come up empty.

Through three tournaments and a lot of playtesting, the one thing that the new Legacies set has revealed to me, is that we will have to rethink the meta.

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