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Training Your Padawan

As a father and high school teacher, I often find it difficult to connect with my kids. I have noticed, and studies confirm, that American youth are increasingly isolated, both from each other and especially from their parents. This isolation is tied in large part to the surge of technology within the last 15 years. Most of us have seen two young adults sitting together in a restaurant, physically together, but relationally separated by the screens in their hands. Unfortunately, this is the new normal for adolescents.

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Interview: A Non-Gamer Perspective

One thing we have found at The Chance Cube over and over again is that this game is accessible to many players.  For those who are still a bit uncertain about sharing this game with their children our spouses, we encourage you to give it a shot.  In an effort to encourage those who are on the fence, or are just interested in a non-gamers perspective on this game, I sat down with my wife Sarah and asked her a few questions about her experience playing this game.

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