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5 Tips for New Star Wars: Destiny players

So you wanna play Star Wars: Destiny. I know at first glance the game looks both exciting and intimidating. Both are true, the game is very exciting and fun. Especially being in its infancy, you can grow with the meta. Yet, the game can be intimidating at the same time. Lack of product and a strong following can make it tough to break into the game and be competitive. But with these tips, hopefully you can jump in head first and start enjoying this wonderful game Fantasy Flight Games has provided us in no time.Read More

Deck Analysis 101: Rainbow Fun – A Journey With 4 Villains

A couple of weeks ago I was on The Chance Cube Podcast January round table discussion.  During that podcast I mentioned that I was working on a rainbow deck with Stormtroopers, a Nightsister, and Bala-Tik.  I stated then that my focus was to make as much use of the Nightsister’s ability by giving her shields as often as I could to keep her alive, and her ability going more often.  Because, she adds another Action option for you.  If you have shields on her, you remove the shield, and not deal actual damage to her when you use her ability.  And, her ability works even if she has activated.  Finally, it works as many times as you want each turn.

Anyway, on the podcast released recently, there was a question from a listener who was asking about the viability of using a four character deck.  And, while Jason, Amanda, and Lyndsey gave great answers, I feel that talking about my deck would be helpful to those considering this type of deck.… Read More

Beginners Guide to Destiny Part VII: Putting it All Together

Now, after reading all six parts of my Beginners Guide, we have now come to the final article in this series.  This article will put everything talked about in previous articles into practice as I build a Hero deck.  I am building a Hero deck because those who know me know that I almost always play Villains, so this makes me think more, do more planning, and consider a different set of cards than I am normally used to.… Read More

Whats next for Star Wars: Destiny, a wish and hope list…..

Star Wars: Destiny has been out for several weeks right now, and I totally love the game.  It has revitalized my interested in CCG games, which I haven’t played since Decipher’s Star Wars CCG.  While I have played A Game of Thrones LCG since the second edition, I haven’t found a T(C)CG that I liked until Destiny came along.  But, like any good game out there, there is always speculation of things to come, things that can be done better.  This is my list of such things.… Read More

Director Krennic (SR3) and Death Troopers (SR1) : See How I Roll

Director Krennic (SR3) is one of the new Legendary Characters in the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion, which is due to be release in the 2nd quarter of 2017.  Director Krennic has a very nice die, with 2 Damage, 2 Disrupt, and 2 Discard, along with a focus and the standard resource.  His card ability, while dependent on controlling the battlefield, allows him to bring in a die from outside the game to roll into the dice pool.  He does a little bit of everything, and has a respectable 12 health.  For a cost of 15/19 that is a great package.  Thankfully he is costed at a point where he doesn’t work with Darth Vader (AW10) to stop a truly frightening build, but he does work with Jabba the Hutt (AW20) for a scary mill deck.  I can easily see decks built around him in his Elite form, as, you shouldn’t consider him being a two die card, but a two die card with a conditional third die. However, with his ability dependent on battlefield control, without ways to gain many free actions, I don’t see him run in a three character build.… Read More

Deck Analysis 101: Hyperlooping around the Galaxy (not)

Hyperloop is the name of a new gimmick deck that has started to make the rounds in the tournament scene.  The premise of the deck is simple.  You use Poe Dameron (AW29) with two Hired Guns (AW47).  A popular variant is to replace one of the Hired Guns with a Rebel Trooper (AW30).   Poe is there so that once the combo is setup you can use his ability to deal more damage quickly.  You use the Emperor’s Throne Room Battlefield (AW167).  Your deck contains two copies of Hyperspace Jump (AW129) and Millennium Falcon (AW49).… Read More

Beginners Guide to Destiny Part VI: Your Draw Deck

Up until now in my Beginners Guide series, I have covered a lot of stuff that doesn’t concern your draw deck.  This article will cover that big gap.  Your draw deck will contain 30 cards, with a maximum of 2 copies of any specific card.  It will contain a mixture of Upgrades, Supports, and Events, though are not required to have cards from each category.  Finally, those cards will work together with your Characters, Battleground, and overall Strategy to help you win the match.… Read More

Mission: Board Games Tournament Report 01/12/17

Mission: Board Games in Mission, KS held a late night Star Wars: Destiny tournament, complete with booster packs for prizes and a tournament kit.  It started at 9:30pm so it would end at roughly midnight (before the cut), so participants would be able to buy his resupply of boosters on their street date of 01/13.  Sixteen players did show up, including both Kevin K and myself from The Chance Cube.  It did help that the area was already under an ice storm warning starting Friday morning, and that most of the area schools cancelled classes (and several businesses), so there were more people able to be up and out later than normal for a Thursday.  It went very well.  Mason, the owner of the store, ran a great tournament.  I decided to go because I do much more playing online, and wanted the opportunity to play more physical games.… Read More