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Destiny Origins: Who is the Death Trooper?

The Men in Black

One of the most striking images from¬†Rogue One: A Star Wars Story¬†is Director Krennic (SR3), flanked by his personal squad of Death Troopers (SR1). Star Wars fans are used to seeing Imperial troops decked out in white uniforms, so the sight of the new class of trooper was very impactful.… Read More

Destiny Origins: Who is Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley?

Exclusive Spoiler

Here at The Chance Cube, we were lucky enough to have three exclusive Spirit of Rebellion spoilers this week and today I’ll take a look at the origins of the character card we spoiled. Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley (SR29) the Recon Specialist is a vital part of the Resistance efforts to combat the tyrannical First Order. An ace pilot, he was tasked with flying an important recon mission to gather data on Starkiller Base. ‘Snap’ is also part of the planning process for the last ditch mission against the dreaded superweapon.… Read More