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Destiny Drive Results

The Chance Cube‘s Destiny Drive (http://www.thechancecube.com/destinydrive/), which collected cards and dice for the students at Northland Christian School in Kansas City and their board game club, raised over 1200 commons, 150 uncommons, 115 rares, and 7 legendaries. These cards have been instrumental in rekindling student interest in Destiny and getting the kids excited for the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion! Continue reading for a look at special donors, prizes, and pictures of students with their favorite cards!

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LAST CHANCE: Destiny Drive Contributions

You may have been hearing us talk about the Destiny Drive.  We have had a great success in this campaign, but we can always use more!  In fact, there is still a very high chance that you can win some prizes by contributing to the campaign.  Deadline is 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on February 28, 2017.  Cards must be postmarked by this date to be considered for prize drawings.

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Announcing the Destiny Drive – Supporting the Boardgame Club at Northland Christian School

Today we are pleased to announce the DESTINY DRIVE, a campaign to benefit the board game club at Northland Christian School.  What we are asking from the community is, for those who have more cards than they need, to send their extras to Northland Christians School to support the mission of their boardgame club.

Many companies have pledged their support by providing giveaways for us to give to those who donate.  Based on how many cards you donate and the rarity of those cards, you will receive entries into drawings for some amazing giveaways from Miniature Market, Broken Egg Games, Bell City Geekery, Inked Gaming, and Fantasy Flight Games.

You can read more about the club, the campaign, the prize support, and how to doante at the campaign site: www.thechancecube.com/destinydrive.

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