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Card Dissection: Jedi Temple (AW170)

Some Battlefields are used much more than others. Some will have broader usage due to their great claim action. Some are used just because their claim action doesn’t hurt you if your opponent claims it. Then there are some Battlefields that aren’t used at all in the current meta scene. This is one of those Battlefields. Here we will attempt to understand why.

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Deck Analysis 101: Rainbow Fun – A Journey With 4 Villains

A couple of weeks ago I was on The Chance Cube Podcast January round table discussion.  During that podcast I mentioned that I was working on a rainbow deck with Stormtroopers, a Nightsister, and Bala-Tik.  I stated then that my focus was to make as much use of the Nightsister’s ability by giving her shields as often as I could to keep her alive, and her ability going more often.  Because, she adds another Action option for you.  If you have shields on her, you remove the shield, and not deal actual damage to her when you use her ability.  And, her ability works even if she has activated.  Finally, it works as many times as you want each turn.

Anyway, on the podcast released recently, there was a question from a listener who was asking about the viability of using a four character deck.  And, while Jason, Amanda, and Lyndsey gave great answers, I feel that talking about my deck would be helpful to those considering this type of deck.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part VII: Putting it All Together

Now, after reading all six parts of my Beginners Guide, we have now come to the final article in this series.  This article will put everything talked about in previous articles into practice as I build a Hero deck.  I am building a Hero deck because those who know me know that I almost always play Villains, so this makes me think more, do more planning, and consider a different set of cards than I am normally used to.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part VI: Your Draw Deck

Up until now in my Beginners Guide series, I have covered a lot of stuff that doesn’t concern your draw deck.  This article will cover that big gap.  Your draw deck will contain 30 cards, with a maximum of 2 copies of any specific card.  It will contain a mixture of Upgrades, Supports, and Events, though are not required to have cards from each category.  Finally, those cards will work together with your Characters, Battleground, and overall Strategy to help you win the match.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part IV: Resource Curve

So, you have decided on your strategy, characters, and battleground.  The next thing to talk about  is your draw deck itself, what Upgrades, Supports, and Events you want to include.  However, before we do so we need to cover an important topic, Resource Curve.  Resource Curve is also be called Mana Curve in Magic: The Gathering.  What it means, simply, is having a balance of different costs of cards so you have the ability to be able to draw a playable costed card (or cards) each turn.  This is a game theory and concept that is very important in this game.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part III: Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds are quite possibly one of the most ignored part of deck construction. However, it can be one of the most important decisions as the battleground can both help you and hurt you at the same time.  And not just by dealing damage.  You need to give careful consideration to not only what battleground you take, or even if you want (or need) to take your battlefield if you win the initial dice roll.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part II: Choosing your Characters

In my first article in this series, I talked about the two different ways to win, by milling their deck or defeating their Characters. In this article in the series I am going to talk about some basic tips and strategies when choosing your Characters, and some possible synergies that you can utilize.  I will also expand on article I and include reasons to take specific Characters for a specific strategy.

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part I: Choosing your Strategy

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectable card and dice game where two or more players battle each other with 30 card decks and 30 points worth of Characters.  The only true limit on deck construction is the 30 card limit and that players cannot have more than 2 copies of any one card.  As far as your Characters are concerned, you are limited by the fact that you cannot have more than 1 of the same unique Character (but can include 2 dice for that character), and a maximum of 30 points of Characters.

That is a lot of information to absorb, even for a game that was just recently released and has only 174 cards in the first set, Awakenings. But, it is very relevant and players need to understand what they are facing every time they play this game.  Why?  Because each player needs to know what the deck and character limitations are when they build their deck, as well as when deciding what strategies they want when designing their deck.

There are two ways to win a game of Star Wars: Destiny. Taken from page 14 in the Reference Guide: The first is to defeat all of your opponent’s Characters.  The game ends immediately when that happens.  The second is if your opponent has no cards in their hand and deck at the end of a round (after the upkeep phase).  So, you could have no cards in your hand and deck and still be able to win if you deal enough damage to defeat your opponents Characters that round.

So, with that in mind, what Strategy should you use? Truthfully?  The first thing you need to look at is your collection of cards, specifically your Characters and dice cards.  You need to be able to field the cards that can allow you to accomplish your Strategy. … Read More