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5 Tips for New Star Wars: Destiny players

So you wanna play Star Wars: Destiny. I know at first glance the game looks both exciting and intimidating. Both are true, the game is very exciting and fun. Especially being in its infancy, you can grow with the meta. Yet, the game can be intimidating at the same time. Lack of product and a strong following can make it tough to break into the game and be competitive. But with these tips, hopefully you can jump in head first and start enjoying this wonderful game Fantasy Flight Games has provided us in no time.

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Reading the Rules – Through the Force, Things You Will See

I was listening to The Chance Cube podcast where they featured The Women in Gaming round table discussion and I think it was Amanda who said that as an opponent, you could shuffle and cut a deck before the initial 5 card hand draw during setup.  An argument broke out between her and her opponent about it.

Now, I had read the rules, and even went back to confirm on the Rules Reference page 13 to confirm my suspicions.  And, I was correct.  Under the heading Setup, step 3, you shuffle your own deck and then draw 5 cards.  There is nothing in there about cutting or shuffling your opponents deck.  And then, I thought, Amanda’s a smart player, she had to get her information from somewhere.  So, I looked in the tournament regulations, and it can be found in the setup section there.  Yes, you can shuffle and cut your opponents deck.

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