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Card Dissection: Jedi Temple (AW170)

Some Battlefields are used much more than others. Some will have broader usage due to their great claim action. Some are used just because their claim action doesn’t hurt you if your opponent claims it. Then there are some Battlefields that aren’t used at all in the current meta scene. This is one of those Battlefields. Here we will attempt to understand why.

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Destiny Origins: Who are the Nightsisters?

One of the most compelling things about Star Wars: Destiny for me is that it is absolutely steeped in theme. While I was drawn in as the mechanics were revealed, I reveled in the cards and powers, already visualizing Darth Vader’s indelible presence slowly crushing his opponents, General Grievous taking trophies from his victims, or a Jedi learning to become One with the Force and continue to provide aid after their death. Characters in Star Wars: Destiny are particularly notable, in that they sit out front and set the tone for what you bring to the table, but understanding how their powers and stat lines are informed by their characters in Star Wars media adds a flair to the game that you can’t get anywhere else. Yes, Darth Vader is an exceptionally power character in Star Wars: Destiny, but I fully believe that the main reason he’s so sought-after is because he’s freaking Darth Vader. To that end, let me introduce the Nightsister.

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Immersion in Destiny – II. A Great Theme These Card Abilities Have

Welcome back. In part two of our little series on how the Star Wars theme is brought to the game, we will look at certain card abilities that just are very thematic. While there have been a ton of spoilers over the last week or so, and it is getting hard to keep up with all the news, here are my favorite thematic abilities from what I have seen so far.

To start off we look at a card that was just spoiled over the weekend. General Grievous (AW3) is a red villain character who boosts 10 health backed up by a high damage die. He comes with 10 wounds for 13 points or 18 in the elite version. His ability lets him steal a non-ability upgrade from a dying opponent character. How fitting is that for a Jedi Hunter who collects the lightsabers of the ones slain by him? And obviously, if his latest victim does not have a lightsabre, the General is flexible enough to accept another weapon or a piece of equipment as an alternative trophy.

Another card that I really like for its ability is One With The Force (AW42). It is a powerful hero blue upgrade which costs 4 resources, but it has an amazing die without blanks. You can only put it on a force user, but the upgrade becomes a permanent after the character dies. Given that the artwork shows old Obi-Wan, I initially thought that he his spirit guides the character. However, then I realized that the artwork is a force spirit. So it is not Obi-Wan helping out, but rather the blue character her- or himself becomes one with the force during life and therefore learns new powers and upon defeat it is the force spirit of the deceased who lingers on and interacts with the physical world for a while, helping and guiding the rest of the team.… Read More