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Card Dissection: Chirrut Îmwe (SR35) “Blind Warrior”

Chirrut Îmwe, the Blind Warrior, Guardian of the Whills, steps into battlefields of Star Wars: Destiny to aid his allies in struggle against their opponents. Guided by the Force, he helps his friends with impressive fighting skills but also, thanks to his great faith in the Force, he can turn bad luck and missteps into an advantage. Let’s see what he can bring to the table!… Read More

Card Dissection: Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152)

There are a lot of cards to be excited about in Spirit of Rebellion, but in spite of all of the seemingly amazing cards that are sure to change our meta, I keep finding myself being most excited about Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152). That’s right; Force Speed (SR55) is amazing, Fast Hands (SR150) is really good, and of course, Palpatine (SR11) is going to get some love, even if he turns out to be non-competitive. And don’t get me wrong, those cards are great, but I’m still most excited about Cargo Hold, and I’m going to tell you why!… Read More

Card Dissection: Director Krennic (SR3) “Cruel But Brilliant”

Here we have the man responsible for the construction of the original Death Star, Director Orson Krennic (SR3). A charismatic, if fiery, official within the Empire, his drive and unscrupulous behavior helped elevate him through the ranks enough for him to go toe-to-toe with the venerated Grand Moff Tarkin.… Read More

Card Dissection: FN-2199 (SR2) “Loyal Trooper”

Let me start out by saying this is one of the characters I’m most excited to play with. When I saw the card, I let out some kind of squee that I didn’t even think I could make. I really cannot wait to play this guy! So much combination potential not to mention, value per die compared to other character combinations.… Read More

Card Dissection: Jango Fett (AW21)

Another week, another dissection with my good friend and fellow UK gamer Steve Mcgillivray. I must first put out that the discussion below is going to be based on my experience in playing against Jango Fett (AW21), rather than personal play. Even though Jango smashed my decks on several occasions, he is an amazing card and I plan on testing with him myself very soon.… Read More