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Card Dissection: Jedi Temple (AW170)

Some Battlefields are used much more than others. Some will have broader usage due to their great claim action. Some are used just because their claim action doesn’t hurt you if your opponent claims it. Then there are some Battlefields that aren’t used at all in the current meta scene. This is one of those Battlefields. Here we will attempt to understand why.

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There Has Been An Awakening…Again

Thank the Maker! Fantasy Flight has confirmed the additional printing of the Star Wars: Destiny Awakenings set. But before you rush off to your FLGS to snag up these booster packs you might as well hit the brakes, they aren’t going to be available until June.

The announcement, released this morning on Fantasy Flight’s website, explains that the game has exceeded all of their expectations and the initial printing of Awakenings has been sold out. Kylo and Rey starter sets are back in production and will remain in print until a new starter set is released. The announcement also spells out Fantasy Flight’s printing policies going forward.

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