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Legacies…. whoa momma!!


If you’ve been living under a rock the last few hours then you haven’t seen the new Legacies set previews. It seems we are FINALLY getting a BOBA FETT!!! No need to hunt down those random booster packs, we’re getting him in a starter format for us!

Now we can finally pair him and his “dad,” Jango, together!

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Card Dissection: Jango Fett (AW21)

Another week, another dissection with my good friend and fellow UK gamer Steve Mcgillivray. I must first put out that the discussion below is going to be based on my experience in playing against Jango Fett (AW21), rather than personal play. Even though Jango smashed my decks on several occasions, he is an amazing card and I plan on testing with him myself very soon.

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Card Dissection: On The Hunt (AW26)

An elegant card for a more civilized age, On The Hunt (AW26) offers Yellow decks various tools to help deal with different threats.  While overlooked by many, this has the potential to offer exciting options to most decks.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 3

Week three has come and gone, and I’m back with more games and more insight! I really mixed things up this week, playing 3 different decks! First, I started out with eDooku/Bala/Trooper, getting in two games. Then, I got in two games with eKylo/eJango, as well as one game with eRey/eFinn. I’ll do a quick overview of the games, then we can discuss what how I’m handling things after this week.

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