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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 4

I want to start this article off with something I meant to put in the end of last week’s. I’m going to end this series now. I figure there’s only so many times you guys want to read “I lost a ton and it was close every game.” I’m planning to do a wrap-up of the entire league in a podcast bite. That should come in about two weeks.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 3

Week three has come and gone, and I’m back with more games and more insight! I really mixed things up this week, playing 3 different decks! First, I started out with eDooku/Bala/Trooper, getting in two games. Then, I got in two games with eKylo/eJango, as well as one game with eRey/eFinn. I’ll do a quick overview of the games, then we can discuss what how I’m handling things after this week.

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Destiny Origins: Who is Bala-Tik?

Bala-Tik (AW19) is one of the more unusual Yellow Villains to play, with Jabba (AW20) and Jango Fett (AW21) usually taking the spotlight.  However, his lower point value and access to Yellow cards has made him a regular in a multi-color deck.  But, for those who aren’t seeped into the Star Wars fandom, you might be asking yourself, who is Bala-Tik?

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