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Let’s start at the beginning….

Again.. after each new set it seems like we are always starting out with a fresh new set of cards getting the whole Meta figured out. So far I think there are going to be some FUN decks as well as some competitive ones out there from the days of old that might be able to come back to the top. Let’s go over some of the fun decks that I’ve found so far.

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Come join the Dark Side, we’ve got cookies!!!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written before the release of Empire at War, and will not include any cards from the set.]

So as most of you know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Han/Rey, and I’m finally of the opinion that they just won’t work for me. So I have taken that deck apart and am now working on a Darth Vader (AW10) and Royal Guard (SR12).

Then of course, we just got this fancy new two-player starter set with new cards.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 4

I want to start this article off with something I meant to put in the end of last week’s. I’m going to end this series now. I figure there’s only so many times you guys want to read “I lost a ton and it was close every game.” I’m planning to do a wrap-up of the entire league in a podcast bite. That should come in about two weeks.

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Deck Analysis: Darth Vader + eJabba

This guest post was provided by Christopher Dale Bates, winner of the 2017 Winter Destiny Shapers Tournament.

This is the deck I used to win the 54 person Winter 2017 Destiny Shapers Tournament at the Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville, MN. This is a Vader/Jabba deck that focused on mill and Crimelord as its main way to win the game but can still do some damage in a pinch. While I went undefeated during the event, I have to admit that I did not face any heavy agro decks (like anything with Jango in it). This deck would have difficulty countering the strength of Jango.

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Deck Analysis 101: Vader/Raider Control

Controlling Your Destiny:
An in-depth look at Vader Raider Control

by Will Klein

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been enamored with Destiny, just like I have been for the past 2 months. The strategy, deckbuilding potential, and the anticipation created by rolling the dice has really tapped into something special (yeah, like that warm embrace from Han kind of special… mmmm)… was that out loud?

I’m lucky to live in Minneapolis (bahaha! It’s -3°F right now), only 10 minutes from Fantasy Flight’s headquarters with their ridiculously nice game center and an awesome player base. At the first pre-release event in November, I opened a Vader, calmly went and changed my undies, and was hooked ever since.

I’ve loved trying out lots of different decks at casual nights and in testing, but I’ve only used my main squeeze: Vader Raider in tournaments. Blue-yellow villain has access to the best control and direct damage cards in the game paired with some of the strongest character dice and abilities. After 9 tournaments, I still think it’s the best deck in the format and it’s not even close. **distant sounds of an angry mob assembling**

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Card Dissection: Darth Vader (AW10)

Welcome back everyone to this latest card dissection. A lot has happened since I brought to you my last dissection, including Launch Events and tournaments. For the first time, I actually have the card in my hands while writing about it. In deciding which card to talk about for this article, I decide to talk about one of the most hyped up cards right now and one of my favorites. Is it worth the hype? Why is it Hyped? What do I think about it? Those questions and more will be answered as I dive into this article’s card… Darth Vader.

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