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How That Works: “Dealing Damage” VS “Taking Damage”

A lot of players, especially newer players, might not know the difference between “dealing damage” and “taking” damage”. In a game system that has a heavy emphasis on keywords, syntax, and nomenclature, knowing the difference is very important. In this first article in the “How That Works” series, we explain the difference between the two.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 3

Week three has come and gone, and I’m back with more games and more insight! I really mixed things up this week, playing 3 different decks! First, I started out with eDooku/Bala/Trooper, getting in two games. Then, I got in two games with eKylo/eJango, as well as one game with eRey/eFinn. I’ll do a quick overview of the games, then we can discuss what how I’m handling things after this week.

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