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Deck Tech – Breaking the Mold

When I first sat down to write this article, I figured I would just do what I always do and start with the deck list, break down a few key cards, and give a final few thoughts. But when I started thinking about that, it just felt boring and the deck I have today isn’t boring at all, so I wanted to take a different approach. And ultimately this article is a cross between breaking down an intriguing new deck and trying to figure out how to topple the powerhouse of Poe/Maz.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 4

I want to start this article off with something I meant to put in the end of last week’s. I’m going to end this series now. I figure there’s only so many times you guys want to read “I lost a ton and it was close every game.” I’m planning to do a wrap-up of the entire league in a podcast bite. That should come in about two weeks.

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League Report: Level 1 Game Shop – Week 3

Week three has come and gone, and I’m back with more games and more insight! I really mixed things up this week, playing 3 different decks! First, I started out with eDooku/Bala/Trooper, getting in two games. Then, I got in two games with eKylo/eJango, as well as one game with eRey/eFinn. I’ll do a quick overview of the games, then we can discuss what how I’m handling things after this week.

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