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Director Krennic (SR3) and Death Troopers (SR1) : See How I Roll

Director Krennic (SR3) is one of the new Legendary Characters in the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion, which is due to be release in the 2nd quarter of 2017.  Director Krennic has a very nice die, with 2 Damage, 2 Disrupt, and 2 Discard, along with a focus and the standard resource.  His card ability, while dependent on controlling the battlefield, allows him to bring in a die from outside the game to roll into the dice pool.  He does a little bit of everything, and has a respectable 12 health.  For a cost of 15/19 that is a great package.  Thankfully he is costed at a point where he doesn’t work with Darth Vader (AW10) to stop a truly frightening build, but he does work with Jabba the Hutt (AW20) for a scary mill deck.  I can easily see decks built around him in his Elite form, as, you shouldn’t consider him being a two die card, but a two die card with a conditional third die. However, with his ability dependent on battlefield control, without ways to gain many free actions, I don’t see him run in a three character build.

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“A Diplomatic Mission” – An Advanced Multiplayer Variant for 4-6 Players

Our third Multiplayer Variant option is an Advanced format that requires a bit of preparation and some extra materials to be played. Fans of social deduction games will likely be drawn to this format, as it increases the player interaction across the table and adds a layer of subtext, mystery, and complexity to the game. This format is recommended for players who have already mastered the basic rules. Of all of the multiplayer variants, this one is perhaps the most likely to need tweaks for balance after sufficient playtesting, so if you have any thoughts after giving it a try, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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Deck Analysis 101: Hyperlooping around the Galaxy (not)

Hyperloop is the name of a new gimmick deck that has started to make the rounds in the tournament scene.  The premise of the deck is simple.  You use Poe Dameron (AW29) with two Hired Guns (AW47).  A popular variant is to replace one of the Hired Guns with a Rebel Trooper (AW30).   Poe is there so that once the combo is setup you can use his ability to deal more damage quickly.  You use the Emperor’s Throne Room Battlefield (AW167).  Your deck contains two copies of Hyperspace Jump (AW129) and Millennium Falcon (AW49).

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Beginners Guide to Destiny Part VI: Your Draw Deck

Up until now in my Beginners Guide series, I have covered a lot of stuff that doesn’t concern your draw deck.  This article will cover that big gap.  Your draw deck will contain 30 cards, with a maximum of 2 copies of any specific card.  It will contain a mixture of Upgrades, Supports, and Events, though are not required to have cards from each category.  Finally, those cards will work together with your Characters, Battleground, and overall Strategy to help you win the match.

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A Review of the Destiny Tokens Set by Broken Egg Games

Last November, I picked up a set of Destiny Tokens from Broken Egg Games. I was eager to review these after receiving them because I had anticipated them a lot, but I decided to be patient and spend some actual game time with them before rushing out an official review. Broken Egg’s Destiny Token Set includes 35 double sided tokens. Each token is printed with a “Light Side” and “Dark Side” graphic. The images are printed on the same side so the Light Side image is visible on one side of the token and the Dark Side is visible through the clear acrylic on the other side. The set includes 10 1-damage tokens, 5 3-damage tokens, 10 Shield tokens, and 10 Resource tokens.

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Trade or Trade Not; There Is No Try

Star Wars: Destiny has been officially out for less than two months, and the community can be grouped into two categories: those who have access to available product and those that do not. Scarcity of both starters and boosters in Star Wars: Destiny has made trading even more important, however, trading has always been an integral part of any collectible card game (CCG). Players may trade to complete their playset of cards, acquire duplicates of cards that they need for multiple decks, or even trade simply for the social experience. Social media websites have revolutionized the CCG trading market over the past several years meaning that many people have taken to Destiny Shapers Marketplace in hopes of getting another Sith Holocron (AW16) or perhaps that hard to get Legendary Force Choke (AW13).

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Deck Analysis: Darth Vader + eJabba

This guest post was provided by Christopher Dale Bates, winner of the 2017 Winter Destiny Shapers Tournament.

This is the deck I used to win the 54 person Winter 2017 Destiny Shapers Tournament at the Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville, MN. This is a Vader/Jabba deck that focused on mill and Crimelord as its main way to win the game but can still do some damage in a pinch. While I went undefeated during the event, I have to admit that I did not face any heavy agro decks (like anything with Jango in it). This deck would have difficulty countering the strength of Jango.

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Card Dissection: Gaffi Stick (AW25)

Hi everyone! Today in this card dissection, we will be discussing the good and bad of every Tusken Raiders’ favorite weapon the Gaffi Stick (AW25).

The gaderffi, or gaffi stick, is the traditional melee weapon of the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. It is a polearm usually adorned with a spike or blade on one side and a blunt object on the other. Lets look at what makes this card great!

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Deck Analysis 101: Vader/Raider Control

Controlling Your Destiny:
An in-depth look at Vader Raider Control

by Will Klein

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been enamored with Destiny, just like I have been for the past 2 months. The strategy, deckbuilding potential, and the anticipation created by rolling the dice has really tapped into something special (yeah, like that warm embrace from Han kind of special… mmmm)… was that out loud?

I’m lucky to live in Minneapolis (bahaha! It’s -3°F right now), only 10 minutes from Fantasy Flight’s headquarters with their ridiculously nice game center and an awesome player base. At the first pre-release event in November, I opened a Vader, calmly went and changed my undies, and was hooked ever since.

I’ve loved trying out lots of different decks at casual nights and in testing, but I’ve only used my main squeeze: Vader Raider in tournaments. Blue-yellow villain has access to the best control and direct damage cards in the game paired with some of the strongest character dice and abilities. After 9 tournaments, I still think it’s the best deck in the format and it’s not even close. **distant sounds of an angry mob assembling**

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Padme and Jyn: BFFs

With some spoilers announced for the upcoming set of Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion, many of us are already brewing new decks, or amending old ones. Currently finding any deck that will work successfully utilizing only one colour is hard. With more and more sets being released, the opportunity to build mono decks are far more likely to be successful in a competitive setting.

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