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Immersion in Destiny – I. A Theme to Die For

Last week, I was trying to convince a friend to have a look at the game, and I was asked how can Star Wars be put on a die?

So naturally, I pointed to the easy stuff: blasters do ranged damage, lightsabers do melee, and that a grenade is destroyed after it explodes amidst the opponent’s’ team. However, I could not go deeper. Therefore, (again) I had a closer look at the cards that we knew already and looked past the fabulous artwork to see how Fantasy Flight Games put the theme on the dice. Well there are a lot of candidates, but here are two I enjoyed very much:

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Card Dissection: Take Cover (AW157)

No matter how big or how small, every card in your deck is important, and it is important to look at to each card to evaluate its pros and cons.  A card that may not often get that kind of attention is Take Cover (AW157).  While simple on the surface, it never hurts to break a card down to its core.

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A Red Card Preview: Latest Spoiled Cards from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games has had an astounding week for teases and news about Star Wars: Destiny.  Yesterday, we were treated to some new cards spoiled for us over at their website.  If you haven’t checked out the article, what are you waiting for?  If you just want a good look at the cards with a little bit of commentary, you can find them below! And let us know what you like the most!

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Star Wars: Destiny Deck Builder

There have been a couple of these applications popping up recently, as people are starting to look for more resources to store and build their decks.  However, if you are looking for an all-in-one tool, SWDestinyDB is the answer you have been looking for.

Now, mind you, this tool is in BETA status, so it is still being tested and developed, but the developer fafranco82 (@morifinwe) has done an amazing job putting everything in this tool that you could possibly need.  This is MORE than a Deck Builder.

At the top menu, you have four simple options that give you access to everything you could need to support your game.  My decks, allowing you to view your personal and shared deck collection.  My collection, which allows you to keep your card and dice list online. Decklists, which allows you to view others who have shared their deck lists; and cards, the most robust and beautiful, searchable card list on the net.

When you open up your deck, this is the screen you get.  One quick glance, and you will see that all the features that you could possibly want are here at the tip of your fingers.  Your battle field and character cards are highlighted, with images of the cards (once available), and dice counts.  You have a full card list including which cards have dice, and then you get a breakdown of card types, visualization of costs, and even a card draw simulator.  You can add your own description, print a copy to take with you to share, and much more! (Note: This is not an actual deck concept, and I don’t think Han Solo and Admiral Akbar would get along too well.)

Search features let you break down by faction, card type, rarity, set, and even can limit based on your personal collection (if you have logged your collection in the “My collection” section of the tool). … Read More

Don’t Miss Out!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to our latest podcast (Episode VII: Playing a Game), don’t worry!  There are still a couple days left.  Are you confused about what I’m referring to?  We announced our first give away for the listeners of our show!  Find out what we are giving away and how to enter by listening to the episode.  It is your destiny…

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The Chance Cube – Episode VII: Playing A Game

Join us this week as cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze card #57 Force Throw, and dive into this week’s topic, “Playing A Game, ” where we talk about Jason’s experience playing the game for the first time and teaching it to a new player!  Also, find out how to enter to win our giveaway this week!

So keep your credits close and enemies closer, as we explore Star Wars: Destiny!

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Star Wars: Destiny Preview Event

Just announced from Fantasy Flight Games: They will be hosting a Preview Event of Star Wars: Destiny right at their Games Center in Minnesota!  There is so much going on there that if you can make your way up there, it will absolutely be worth it.  Raffles, game play, the 501st, Droid Builders, and a panel featuring Mark Waid (@markwaid – Marvel’s Princess Leia), Timothy Zahn (Thrawn), and Lukas Litzsinger (@rukasufox – FFG Designer of Star Wars: Destiny), moderated by everyone’s favorite Star Wars journalist Bryan Young (@swankmotron).  You wont want to miss any of it!  And our very own Amanda Reynolds will be there to give us a full recap on our Podcast!

See the full announcement here.

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