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Deck Power Rankings Part 1 – Villains

The meta in any collectible game is always shifting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few weeks after a product release or a few months, players always find a way to incorporate new deck strategies, which in turn leads to other players creating strategies to beat those. The change can be as simple as replacing a card or two, or even revamping an entire deck archetype. It is a vicious cycle that many, including myself, love. It applies to a whole lot of games, from Magic: The Gathering to X-Wing to Destiny. This two-part blog will highlight several current meta decks that I encounter (or play) frequently, what makes them popular, and why they work. Their viability in a tournament setting is a rating out of 10 stars. Now, any deck can get lucky once, so this rating is based on consistency of the deck.

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Episode XXV: Strategy and Theming

Jason and Amanda are joined by Mike Hill and Kim Breeze this week as they discuss all the Star Wars: Destiny news, provide an update on our DESTINY DRIVE, analyze Field Medic (AW105), and dive into our show topic, “Strategy and Theming,” where we discuss strategy behind thematic combinations in Star Wars: Destiny. We also award this week’s giveaway, and kick off next week’s giveaway!

Plus… there are some exciting announcements from The Chance Cube family!

So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to Chance!

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There Has Been An Awakening…Again

Thank the Maker! Fantasy Flight has confirmed the additional printing of the Star Wars: Destiny Awakenings set. But before you rush off to your FLGS to snag up these booster packs you might as well hit the brakes, they aren’t going to be available until June.

The announcement, released this morning on Fantasy Flight’s website, explains that the game has exceeded all of their expectations and the initial printing of Awakenings has been sold out. Kylo and Rey starter sets are back in production and will remain in print until a new starter set is released. The announcement also spells out Fantasy Flight’s printing policies going forward.

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Product Review: Zen Bins, Destiny Edition!

For those of you looking for a great storage solution as well as a way to transport a team or two to tournaments, look no further! Zen Bins originally hit the market a few years ago with a custom product for Dice Masters. I backed it immediately and can say that I never had any regrets. Two-point-something odd years later, they are back on KickStarter with a storage solution for Star Wars: Destiny.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a prototype to test out, and see how I liked it. Before anyone thinks I’m only doing this review because I was sent a copy, you’re wrong. I went out of my way to contact them to get a copy so that I could review it because I loved their Dice Masters product so much.

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LAST CHANCE: Destiny Drive Contributions

You may have been hearing us talk about the Destiny Drive.  We have had a great success in this campaign, but we can always use more!  In fact, there is still a very high chance that you can win some prizes by contributing to the campaign.  Deadline is 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on February 28, 2017.  Cards must be postmarked by this date to be considered for prize drawings.

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