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Card Dissection: Crime Lord (AW23)

So there you are: you got some starter games in for Star Wars: Destiny, bought some boosters, and think you have a good handle on everything. There’s a lot of straightforward cards in Awakenings and nothing too out there in the starter sets, Finn’s (AW45) deckbuilding ability aside. You might think you have a pretty good handle on what you need to do to defend your characters until you get to your endgame. Then you see Crime Lord (AW23) and your mind melts.… Read More

Deck Analysis 101: Deck Building On A Budget

So you are trying to build your first deck, but like so many people you are finding it hard to get your hands on booster packs because of the new wave of Star Wars: Destiny product being short shipped…. again.  Or you are on a budget and have limited funds but still want to have a good deck you can walk into a tournament with now that Game Night kits are hitting stores too. The good news is that many stores have extra Starter Decks and it is very possible to build a very competitive deck out of just a few of these.  Let’s take a look at 3 different points of entry into the game and see what we can concoct for our first round of budget decks.… Read More

Beginners Guide to Destiny Part II: Choosing your Characters

In my first article in this series, I talked about the two different ways to win, by milling their deck or defeating their Characters. In this article in the series I am going to talk about some basic tips and strategies when choosing your Characters, and some possible synergies that you can utilize.  I will also expand on article I and include reasons to take specific Characters for a specific strategy.… Read More

Ruben’s TTS League Report – Episode I

Hello fellow dice throwers! Welcome to the TTS League Report for the most incredible game in this galaxy called Star Wars: Destiny. In this article and subsequent ones I will discuss each game I play against in the league tournament. I plan to discuss my initial thoughts, how the game went, any changes I plan to do for each round, and my final thoughts. I also want the reader to keep in mind that i am using only the cards I own in my collection. I suppose I can maximize each card but I know that in a real tournament if I don’t have the card, I cannot use it.  The Tournament Organizer told all players they can switch out decks in between games and/or cards. I plan to tweak my deck but not change it to a new one.

So let’s get on with the show….… Read More

How to: Your Foolproof Plan for A Destiny-filled Christmas

Star Wars: Destiny is here and more popular than ever, and even with the next wave of boosters hitting stores it’s still tough to get ahold of anything if you’re not on your toes. But fear not, for this is the holiday season, the season of giving, and the more people that know you want, nay need, piles and piles of boosters the greater the odds you can score some! Consider this your guide to casting that net far and wide in order to build your collection to unprecedented levels this Christmas!… Read More

Transporting Destiny – I. How To Move Your Decks

Finally, here we are. The official release is here and people open their boosters. Ever since Star Wars: Destiny was announced and more details became clear as to the deck size and number of characters you bring to the table, there has also been the question of: “How does one store the decks including the dice?”

A few weeks ago, I started my quest to find an answer to that question, starting from the most the obvious and simple answer for any card game: “Decks belong in deck boxes.” I have to admit that I have not played collectible or living card games in quite some time, so I did not own any deck boxes to start with. Luckily, the friendly folks from Ultimate Guard sent me a few samples of their high quality deck boxes to help me in my quest.… Read More

The Chance Cube – Episode XV: Normal and Elite

Join us this week as cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze card #3 General Grievous, and dive into this week’s topic, “Normal and Elite,” where we discuss the pros and cons of normal and elite status characters. We also have one more week to go on our current giveaway, so head over to our Facebook page a comment on the pinned post to enter!

So keep your credits close and enemies closer, as we explore Star Wars: Destiny!… Read More

Rogue One and Star Wars: Destiny

Please note that the following article contains minor spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

So first things first, Rogue One was a very good movie. It had the legs to stand alone as an entry into the Star Wars universe.  Not only did it have something for viewers who weren’t Star Wars fans, but it was slammed full of amazing references that die hard fans are sure to pick up on. My personal favorite was when they are walking out to the hanger and Captain Syndulla gets paged; I’m all for Star Wars: Rebel references! … Read More

Beginners Guide to Destiny Part I: Choosing your Strategy

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectable card and dice game where two or more players battle each other with 30 card decks and 30 points worth of Characters.  The only true limit on deck construction is the 30 card limit and that players cannot have more than 2 copies of any one card.  As far as your Characters are concerned, you are limited by the fact that you cannot have more than 1 of the same unique Character (but can include 2 dice for that character), and a maximum of 30 points of Characters.

That is a lot of information to absorb, even for a game that was just recently released and has only 174 cards in the first set, Awakenings. But, it is very relevant and players need to understand what they are facing every time they play this game.  Why?  Because each player needs to know what the deck and character limitations are when they build their deck, as well as when deciding what strategies they want when designing their deck.

There are two ways to win a game of Star Wars: Destiny. Taken from page 14 in the Reference Guide: The first is to defeat all of your opponent’s Characters.  The game ends immediately when that happens.  The second is if your opponent has no cards in their hand and deck at the end of a round (after the upkeep phase).  So, you could have no cards in your hand and deck and still be able to win if you deal enough damage to defeat your opponents Characters that round.

So, with that in mind, what Strategy should you use? Truthfully?  The first thing you need to look at is your collection of cards, specifically your Characters and dice cards.  You need to be able to field the cards that can allow you to accomplish your Strategy. … Read More