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Destiny Origins: Who is Captain Phasma?

There are few characters in the Star Wars universe as striking as Captain Phasma (AW1). Perhaps underused in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, she’ll be back in her shining armor in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but what is the story behind the First Order’s Stormtrooper Commander?

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The Chance Cube – Episode XXII: Question and Answer

Jason and Amanda are joined by Lyndsey Smith this week as they discuss all the Star Wars: Destiny news, provide an update on our DESTINY DRIVE, analyze Hidden in Shadow (AW90), and dive into our show topic, “Question and Answer,” where we answer all of the questions you left for us over at Facebook last week. We also award this week’s giveaway, and kick off next week’s giveaway!

So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to Chance!

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Reading the Rules – Through the Force, Things You Will See

I was listening to The Chance Cube podcast where they featured The Women in Gaming round table discussion and I think it was Amanda who said that as an opponent, you could shuffle and cut a deck before the initial 5 card hand draw during setup.  An argument broke out between her and her opponent about it.

Now, I had read the rules, and even went back to confirm on the Rules Reference page 13 to confirm my suspicions.  And, I was correct.  Under the heading Setup, step 3, you shuffle your own deck and then draw 5 cards.  There is nothing in there about cutting or shuffling your opponents deck.  And then, I thought, Amanda’s a smart player, she had to get her information from somewhere.  So, I looked in the tournament regulations, and it can be found in the setup section there.  Yes, you can shuffle and cut your opponents deck.

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Guest Post: Tournament Report – Grievous/Nightsister/Tusken Raider

Allow us to present a tournament report from guest writer Laura Keith:

I play a lot of Game of Thrones tournaments, but this was my first Star Wars: Destiny event. We had a great group of players and it was a really fun day. I had only played this deck twice before the tournament and lost both times to eHan/eRey, so I assumed I wouldn’t do well, but I still wanted to playtest a bit. I think it turned out alright! There are a few details I do remember, since I wasn’t planning on doing a write-up, I wasn’t paying super-close attention.

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Deck Analysis 101: eKylo/eJango

So I’ve been wanting to make Kylo Ren (AW11) work, as it seems that most people think he’s a bit lack luster, outside of mono-blue decks at least. I personally think he might be the key to a very good mid-range or control deck. Over the next few weeks, I will be playing in a league at my local store, Level One Game Shop in Kansas City, so I will be testing out a few different builds using elite Kylo Ren. His first partner: Jango Fett! Before we begin, I want to preface by staying that I don’t have access to a ton of cards.  I have bought roughly 36 or so loose packs, so I’m working with what I have. Let’s look at the list.

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Product Review: Crafted Storage

I’ve been looking at all the different storage options for Star Wars: Destiny lately trying to find the one that fits me the best and this has led me to trying out pretty much everything I can think of. Some of these have worked better than others, but my most recent purchase was something I found rather unique and wanted to share with everyone. It is from a company called Crafted Storage who have been making storage solutions for X-Wing for a while now but recently entered the Star Wars: Destiny arena. I was lucky enough to be able to get an early deck box order in and was beyond impressed with it.

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Destiny Origins: Who is General Veers?

General Veers (AW4) is a name I keep hearing a lot of in Star Wars: Destiny. He seems to be a card many players like teaming up with Jango Fett (AW21). Being relatively new to the game, it’s been very noticeable to me the high regard the community hold him in, but who is General Veers?

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