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Card Dissection: Gaffi Stick (AW25)

Hi everyone! Today in this card dissection, we will be discussing the good and bad of every Tusken Raiders’ favorite weapon the Gaffi Stick (AW25).

The gaderffi, or gaffi stick, is the traditional melee weapon of the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. It is a polearm usually adorned with a spike or blade on one side and a blunt object on the other. Lets look at what makes this card great!… Read More

Deck Analysis 101: Vader/Raider Control

Controlling Your Destiny:
An in-depth look at Vader Raider Control

by Will Klein

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been enamored with Destiny, just like I have been for the past 2 months. The strategy, deckbuilding potential, and the anticipation created by rolling the dice has really tapped into something special (yeah, like that warm embrace from Han kind of special… mmmm)… was that out loud?

I’m lucky to live in Minneapolis (bahaha! It’s -3°F right now), only 10 minutes from Fantasy Flight’s headquarters with their ridiculously nice game center and an awesome player base. At the first pre-release event in November, I opened a Vader, calmly went and changed my undies, and was hooked ever since.

I’ve loved trying out lots of different decks at casual nights and in testing, but I’ve only used my main squeeze: Vader Raider in tournaments. Blue-yellow villain has access to the best control and direct damage cards in the game paired with some of the strongest character dice and abilities. After 9 tournaments, I still think it’s the best deck in the format and it’s not even close. **distant sounds of an angry mob assembling**… Read More

Padme and Jyn: BFFs

With some spoilers announced for the upcoming set of Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion, many of us are already brewing new decks, or amending old ones. Currently finding any deck that will work successfully utilizing only one colour is hard. With more and more sets being released, the opportunity to build mono decks are far more likely to be successful in a competitive setting.Read More

Mission: Board Games Tournament Report 01/12/17

Mission: Board Games in Mission, KS held a late night Star Wars: Destiny tournament, complete with booster packs for prizes and a tournament kit.  It started at 9:30pm so it would end at roughly midnight (before the cut), so participants would be able to buy his resupply of boosters on their street date of 01/13.  Sixteen players did show up, including both Kevin K and myself from The Chance Cube.  It did help that the area was already under an ice storm warning starting Friday morning, and that most of the area schools cancelled classes (and several businesses), so there were more people able to be up and out later than normal for a Thursday.  It went very well.  Mason, the owner of the store, ran a great tournament.  I decided to go because I do much more playing online, and wanted the opportunity to play more physical games.… Read More

The Chance Cube – Episode XIX: Tabletop Simulator League

Join us this week as we cover all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze Black Market (AW64), cover the latest in the Star Wars: Destiny community, and dive into our show topic, “Tabletop Simulator League,” where we interview Brody Schade, the creator and moderator of the Tabletop Simulator League for Star Wars: Destiny. We also give away this week’s giveaway from the conversation over at facebook, and kick off next week’s giveaway.

So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to Chance!… Read More

“No Disintegrations” – An Intermediate Multiplayer Variant for 3-4 Players

Our second multiplayer variant is designed to add a bit more cunning, negotiation, and strategy into your games of Star Wars: Destiny. While the official Free-For-All variant affords 3-4 players the opportunity to play together, games often become more about the impromptu social contracts that form – “He’s running Vader! Let’s kill Vader first!” There’s certainly nothing wrong with this format, but players who are seeking a more complex format might be interested in trying their hand at “No Disintegrations” – a multiplayer variant for 3-4 players that focuses less on “teaming up” against an opponent and more on accomplishing your own unique goal.… Read More

GUEST POST – Tournament Report: Family Time Games in Indianapolis

On December 31, 2017 at Noon, Family Time Games in Indianapolis had 33 seekers of the Force in a Clash of Fates. To the victor, Kylo Ren alternate-art Card and boosters were at stake. Kylo Ren alternate-art cards going to top four. One full box of 36 boosters to winner, 8 booster packs to 2nd thru 4th and 4 boosters to those in 5th thru 16th. Everyone who participated received alternate-art card of the First Order Tie Fighter.… Read More