Terms Glossary

Below is a list of terms that are commonly associated with Star Wars: Destiny, ranging from official terminology to colloquialisms, abbreviations and nicknames.

Action Cheating [Colloquialism/Slang] – Used to describe taking multiple actions on one turn. Traditionally in Star Wars: Destiny, a player is only allowed to take one action per turn. Action cheating is the act of playing cards or using character abilities in order to take several actions.
Aggro Deck [Deck Nickname/Type] – An aggro deck is an aggressive deck. This is used to describe a deck that is meant to deal lots of damage quickly.
Alt Art [General Card Game Term] – Short for alternate art card. Cards that are either Fantasy Flight official or fan-made that have a different picture than the original card art released by Fantasy Flight.
AW [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for Awakenings; the name for the first card set and block of Star Wars: Destiny.
Block [Destiny Term] – Another word for a ‘cycle’. A cycle is a combination of products that dictates the organized play formats for the game. The trilogy format uses the most recent cycle, and the standard format uses the two most recent cycles. Typically, there will be two starter sets and three booster sets in a cycle.
Broken [General Card Game Term] – Broken’ is used to describe cards that are viewed as ‘too powerful’ by the community. This is often a character that is undercost for its ability or dice sides. FN-2199 was referred to as a broken card previous to an errata. Also referred to as ‘OP’ — overpowered.
BrOTK [Deck Nickname/Type] – “Blue Red One Turn Kill” – a deck nickname referring to getting several activations of Seventh Sister in one turn for additional seeker droids. Typically Seventh Sister, Nightsister, and Ciena Ree.
Burn (a card) [Colloquialism/Slang] – To burn a card is to discard a card to reroll die/dice. The card is ‘burned’, because it is wasted or thrown away and unable to be used for the card’s ability.
Cast [Colloquialism/Slang] – A term some players used which is borrowed from Magic: The Gathering which means “To cast a spell is to take it from the zone it’s in (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect.” In Star Wars: Destiny, a player may use this term to say that they are playing a card (i.e. I will cast Rey’s Lightsaber).
CCG [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Collectible Card Game. A term used to describe card games where players collect cards in the game to build their own deck to play.
Chase Rare/Legendary [General Card Game Term] – A term used to describe the most sought-after cards in a set (typically these are also the most valuable cards). They are called chase cards, because people will open many booster packs chasing these cards. For Empire at War, the chase cards are Ancient Lightsaber and X-8 Night Sniper.
Cheerios [Colloquialism/Slang] – A nickname for a deck that uses many zero cost cards in it. It is called cheerios because of the look of the number zero.
Choke Deck [Deck Nickname/Type] – A type of deck where the goal is to remove options from your opponent by discarding cards, removing resources, and removing upgrades from the playing field.
Control [Destiny Term] – Control decks are a type of deck you build around the theme of trying to control what your opponent does. Typically, you will either respond to your opponent’s threats or eliminate the potential threat before it happens.
Curve [General Card Game Term] – Mana Curve is a term from Magic the Gathering. Your curve is referred to as the cost efficiency of the cards in your deck. You don’t want too many high cost cards in your deck that you will never have the resources for. In Star Wars: Destiny, having an efficient curve means you have a proper balance between 0,1,2,3, and higher cost cards, so that you are able to play cards when you need them.
Dice Mitigation [Common Phrase] – To mitigate something means to lessen the severity. When you mitigate your opponent’s dice, you are either removing, rerolling, or changing their face. Dice mitigation is a term used to describe a key archetype of cards in your deck that are used to mitigate your opponent’s dice.
Dollar [Colloquialism/Slang] – A slang term for a resource.
Draft [Game Term] – Draft is a play format in Star Wars Destiny. In draft, each player builds a deck from 6 booster packs and 1 draft set.
e_____ (i.e. eRey) [Abbreviation/Acronym] – This is a shorthand format used by the community to indicate that the character is played at an Elite status (see: Elete/Regular).
EaW [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for Empire at War, the third set of cards in the Awakenings block of Star Wars: Destiny
Elite/Regular [Game Term] – Characters have a point cost in the bottom left of each character card. Unique characters can have 1 or 2 character dice on your team. When you use 2 dice, the character is considered elite — 1 die is regular.
Emo Twins [Deck Nickname/Type] – Emo Twins is a nickname for a deck that uses Kylo Ren – Vader’s Disciple and Darth Vader -: Dark Apprentice. Both of these characters are known to be very emotional in the movies, hence the name Emo Twins.
Errata [Game Term] – An errata is a change to a card from the way it was originally printed. There is a list of cards that have been changed under the Errata section of the Rules Reference Guide.
FFG [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for Fantasy Flight Games. The game company who makes Star Wars: Destiny.
FLGS/LGS [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Friendly local game store or local game store. Terms used to describe the game store where a player purchases product/plays the game rather than on the internet.
Force Powers [Colloquialism/Slang] – Another word for blue upgrade cards with the subtype of Ability.
Hard Cast [Colloquialism/Slang] – Magic the Gathering jargon used when a player pays the full cost on a card to play it. “Hard Casting” an upgrade would indicate its full resource cost was paid instead of overwriting an existing upgrade on table, or using another cards ability to reduce its cost.
Hard Mulligan [Colloquialism/Slang] – When you take a hard mulligan, you are using your mulligan (see ‘mulligan” definition) to search for very specific cards. This refers to the strategy of knowing exactly which card(s) you want in your starting hand, and discarding most/all of your cards to try to obtain those cards.
Holocron Package [Colloquialism/Slang] – When you use a Holocron Package, you are using a lot of cards that take advantage of the card Sith Holocron, which means you are playing several blue ability upgrade cards to activate the Sith Holocron special.
In Play [Destiny Term] – The term used to define the play area where your characters, played cards, dice pool, resources, and battlefield (if controlled) reside.
Jank / Janky [Colloquialism/Slang] – A term used to describe something that appears frivolous or worthless. It’s gaming origin is from magic where it is used to describe a card or deck that is not or does not appear to be good.
JUnkar [Deck Nickname/Type] – JUnkar is a nickname for a deck that uses Jabba the Hutt – The Great and Mighty and Unkar Plutt – Junk Dealer.
KoR [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for “The Knights of Ren”. They produce content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) for fans of Star Wars: Destiny.
Limited [Game Term] – Limited is a term taken from other CCGs used to describe game formats where you use a more limited card pool to build your deck from.
Meta [General Card Game Term] – Meta is short for ‘metagame’. The metagame is the game universe outside the game itself. Meta is most often used to describe popular strategies used by many players.
Mill [Colloquialism/Slang] – To ‘mill’ someone is to have them discard a number of card from the top of their deck. In Star Wars; Destiny, the term is also used to refer to the win condition of having your opponent run out of cards in his/her deck and hand.
Money [Colloquialism/Slang] – A slang term for a resource. See also “Dollar”.
Mulligan [Game Term] – Mulligan refers to the phase of play where after you draw your hand of five cards, you are able to shuffle any amount of them back into your deck and redraw up to five cards. This can be done once per player at the beginning of the game.
Nerf [Colloquialism/Slang] – To ‘nerf’ something is lessen the strength of effectiveness of it. When a card has had an errata, it is referred to as having been ‘nerfed’.
Netdecking [General Card Game Term] – A term used to describe looking at decklists on the internet and either duplicating those decklists or using them as inspiration for your deck.
Nines (9s) [Card Nickname/Type] – A nickname for the character card FN-2199. Shortened to 9s
OP [Abbreviation/Acronym] – OP is a shortened version of ‘organized play’, a term used to describe the official events/prizes created by FFG. Also can be used as an abbreviation for Over Powered (see: Broken).
OTK [Deck Nickname/Type] – “One Turn Kill” – a deck nickname referring to getting several activations of Seventh Sister in one turn for additional seeker droids. Typically Seventh Sister, Guavian Enforcer, and Ciena Ree.
Out-of-Play [Destiny Term] – Refers to the area where your hand, deck, discard pile, and cards in the site-aside zone reside. You cannot use abilities on cards that are out of play until they are brought back into play, or the rules state otherwise.
Overwriting [Game Term] – The act of replacing an upgrade you have in play with another upgrade. If the new upgrade costs more, then its play cost is discounted by the play cost of the upgrade it is replacing.
Ping [Colloquialism/Slang] – To ‘ping’ someone is to deal a small amount of damage (typically 1 damage) to one of their characters/supports/upgrades.
Playability [Generic Term] – Refers to how often the card is played — generally referring to the competitive scene. A card is considered unplayable if it costs too much to play, or the ability is too weak or inefficient. Cards with high playability are efficient in cost and ability.
Pop [Colloquialism/Slang] – A slang term that refers to using a card’s action/effect usually at the cost of removing it from play. When you use the action on Ancient Lightsaber to place it on the bottom of your deck, someone may refer to that as ‘popping’ the Ancient Lightsaber.
Proc [Colloquialism/Slang] – A term that originates from computer game programming, and is short for the word process. Commonly used today in gaming as a verb that is equivalent to “trigger” (i.e. I will resolve this damage to proc Second Chance).
r_____ (i.e. rRey) [Abbreviation/Acronym] – This is a shorthand format used by a subsection of the community to indicate that the character is played at a Regular status (see: Elete/Regular).
R2P2 [Deck Nickname/Type] – R2P2 is a nickname for a deck that uses the characters Rey – Finding the Ways and Poe Dameron – More than a Pilot. Both of these characters come from the two player set, which is where the “2” abbreviation originates.
Rainbow 9s [Deck Nickname/Type] – Rainbow 9s is a deck that uses a characters from yellow and blue, as well as the red character FN-2199 (9s).
Resource Management [Destiny Term] – A game term revolving around the strategy of planning when to use your resources. A player may refrain from playing an upgrade or support because the resource cost might be needed to play his/her only dice removal card(s).
Rotation [Destiny Term] – Rotation refers to the act of controlling the size of the card pool for Standard and Trilogy formats. Sets rotate out when they are no longer legal in a given format.
Sealed [Game Term] – Sealed is a play format for Star Wars: Destiny. In sealed, players build a deck from 8 booster packs and 1 draft set that they are given, which are unopened (hence the name “sealed”).
Showing Lethal [Colloquialism/Slang] – When you have an amount of damage showing on your dice necessary to kill an opponent’s character on your next turn.
SoR [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for ‘Spirit of Rebellion’. The second set of cards in the Awakenings block of Star Wars: Destiny.
Specials [Game Term] – A special is a type of dice symbol on many cards in Star Wars Destiny. A special is an ability that a card has when you resolve the die showing a special side.
Spoilers [General Card Game Term] – Spoilers’ refer to cards that are going to be released in upcoming sets of Star Wars: Destiny. Cards are often revealed before the set releases to get players excited about the next set(s).
Staple [General Card Game Term] – Staple’ is used to refer to a card that is heavily played.
Swamp Thing [Deck Nickname/Type] – A nickname for a deck that uses Sabine Ren – Explosives Expert and Yoda – Wizened Master.
Tap [Colloquialism/Slang] – Another word for exhausting a card. In Magic: the Gathering, you tap your cards when you use them, turning them sideways to indicate that the card’s action has been used for the current round.
TCC [Abbreviation/Acronym] – Short for “The Chance Cube – A Star Wars: Destiny Network”. They produce content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) for fans of the game.
Tech (Noun) [Colloquialism/Slang] – A tech or a card’s tech refers to the type of game impact or combo potential it has. Usually used to generalize card effects such as healing, control, or a set of cards that create a powerful action combo. (i.e. My deck contains a lot of healing tech.)
Tech (Verb) [Colloquialism/Slang] – To tech a deck typically means that you are fine-tuning the cards in your deck, continuing to try new options methodically to find the best fit for your strategy.
Tempo [General Card Game Term] – Tempo’ refers to the speed of the game, and the act of a player controlling the speed/momentum of a game. Having an appropriate number of responses to threats from your opponent’s cards is important to maintaining tempo.
Thrawnkar [Deck Nickname/Type] – Thrawnkar is a nickname for a deck that uses Thrawn – Master Strategist and Unkar Plutt – Junk Dealer. Popular prior to a “Balance of the Force” adjustment which made this combination less effective due to the modification in Unkar’s point cost.
Tilt/ On Tilt [Colloquialism/Slang] – A term used to describe when someone allows for his/her negative emotions to affect the way he/she plays the game. The term originated as a gambling term from poker.
TTS [Abbreviation/Acronym] – TTS stands for “Tabletop Simulator”, which is a game on Steam. A mod has been built into the game to allow players to play Star Wars: Destiny online.
Tutor [Colloquialism/Slang] – Tutor’ is a term to refer to searching your deck for a card. Comes from the Magic: The Gathering card ‘Demonic Tutor’, which allowed this action.
Vader/Raider [Deck Nickname/Type] – A nickname for a deck that uses elite Darth Vader – Sith Lord and a Tusken Raider. This character combination won the 2016 World Championship.
x’ drop [Colloquialism/Slang] – Used to describe a card that costs ‘x’. A “1 drop” is a card that has a play cost of 1 to play. A “2 drop” is a card that has a play cost of 2, etc.

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