Matthew McFarland

SPECULATION: Spirit of Rebellion (What We’d Like to See)

Incase you missed it, for our January monthly roundtable podcast, members of The Chance Cube family spent some time speculating about Spirit of Rebellion and what we would like to see come out of that set.  Well, we thought it would be fun to put those ideas in print and be able to reference them when the set is fully spoiled.  Who got the most right? Did we get anything right?  Only time well tell!… Read More

Lessons Learned – Mull(igan)ing it Over

Contrary to the popular internet rumor that keeps following me around saying I’m an amazing, high-tier tournament-level tactician (and crazy good-looking to boot), I don’t have a ton of hyper-competitive experience–on purpose, in most cases. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to compete, just that I don’t take it too seriously. It also means that Star Wars: Destiny is one of the very few games I’ve given a lot of effort into being better at, and as such I’m learning many things that might be second nature to many others. While I typically try to write about things besides the actual gameplay (I leave that to the more knowledgeable bloggers here), I figured there are probably quite a few people that are in a similar situation and could benefit from some of my early lessons. With that in mind, allow me to pass on what I’ve learned about one of the most important decisions you can make: the mulligan.… Read More

Card Dissection: Crime Lord (AW23)

So there you are: you got some starter games in for Star Wars: Destiny, bought some boosters, and think you have a good handle on everything. There’s a lot of straightforward cards in Awakenings and nothing too out there in the starter sets, Finn’s (AW45) deckbuilding ability aside. You might think you have a pretty good handle on what you need to do to defend your characters until you get to your endgame. Then you see Crime Lord (AW23) and your mind melts.… Read More

How to: Your Foolproof Plan for A Destiny-filled Christmas

Star Wars: Destiny is here and more popular than ever, and even with the next wave of boosters hitting stores it’s still tough to get ahold of anything if you’re not on your toes. But fear not, for this is the holiday season, the season of giving, and the more people that know you want, nay need, piles and piles of boosters the greater the odds you can score some! Consider this your guide to casting that net far and wide in order to build your collection to unprecedented levels this Christmas!… Read More

Destiny Origins: Who are the Nightsisters?

One of the most compelling things about Star Wars: Destiny for me is that it is absolutely steeped in theme. While I was drawn in as the mechanics were revealed, I reveled in the cards and powers, already visualizing Darth Vader’s indelible presence slowly crushing his opponents, General Grievous taking trophies from his victims, or a Jedi learning to become One with the Force and continue to provide aid after their death. Characters in Star Wars: Destiny are particularly notable, in that they sit out front and set the tone for what you bring to the table, but understanding how their powers and stat lines are informed by their characters in Star Wars media adds a flair to the game that you can’t get anywhere else. Yes, Darth Vader is an exceptionally power character in Star Wars: Destiny, but I fully believe that the main reason he’s so sought-after is because he’s freaking Darth Vader. To that end, let me introduce the Nightsister.… Read More