Matthew Budney

Card Dissection: Jedi Temple (AW170)

Some Battlefields are used much more than others. Some will have broader usage due to their great claim action. Some are used just because their claim action doesn’t hurt you if your opponent claims it. Then there are some Battlefields that aren’t used at all in the current meta scene. This is one of those Battlefields. Here we will attempt to understand why.… Read More

The Chance Cube Reacts: Spirit of Rebellion Pre-release Event

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced a preview event for the Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Star Wars: Destiny. The event will take place April 1-2 at local retailers around the world (check local listings). Stores will have alternate art cards to hand out, but only to those who complete mini-objectives listed on “Mission Brief” cards. There will also be open play events and boosters available for sale (in limited amounts).… Read More

Deck Power Rankings Part 2 – Heroes

Earlier I posted a Part 1 – Villains article talking about the meta, how it shifts, and what are current meta-defining decks and how they work. This blog post will cover the Heroes side of the game. Again, this will cover the decks I have played, or played against, and there are always a lot of experimental lists out there.

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Podcast Byte – Blue Faction: Episode I – Tabletop Simulator League Season One Final Report

Welcome to our first Blue Podcast Byte. In this episode, Matthew Budney takes us through his final rounds of the Tabletop Simulator League Season One competition, and offers up his thoughts on the success of the event and what to look forward to in season two.

Use the force, and don’t leave your Destiny to Chance!… Read More

Deck Power Rankings Part 1 – Villains

The meta in any collectible game is always shifting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few weeks after a product release or a few months, players always find a way to incorporate new deck strategies, which in turn leads to other players creating strategies to beat those. The change can be as simple as replacing a card or two, or even revamping an entire deck archetype. It is a vicious cycle that many, including myself, love. It applies to a whole lot of games, from Magic: The Gathering to X-Wing to Destiny. This two-part blog will highlight several current meta decks that I encounter (or play) frequently, what makes them popular, and why they work. Their viability in a tournament setting is a rating out of 10 stars. Now, any deck can get lucky once, so this rating is based on consistency of the deck.… Read More

The Chance Cube Reacts: Awakenings Reprint

Earlier today (February 28, 2017), Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced plans to reprint the Awakenings set on a limited basis, and also gave some details about the future plans for Star Wars: Destiny. While we at The Chance Cube love this game and are thankful to FFG for creating it, this news is sending mixed signals.… Read More

Card Dissection: On The Hunt (AW26)

An elegant card for a more civilized age, On The Hunt (AW26) offers Yellow decks various tools to help deal with different threats.  While overlooked by many, this has the potential to offer exciting options to most decks.… Read More

Roll Casual – How to Stop Worrying and Love the Game

The X-Wing Miniatures Game has the theme of Fly Casual. It is printed in the rulebooks, and Fantasy Flight Games even had an article about it on their website. The basic premise is simple, yet exceedingly complex – “don’t be a dick”. What does that mean, exactly? Well, over the past 5 years, many people, and podcasts, have attempted to answer that question and we have a good idea of what it means in our collective heads, but putting it down in words is difficult. Its like the senator who was asked to define pornography. His reply was, “I will know it when I see it.” Here are my reasons why we need to Roll Casual, and what it means to do so.… Read More