Kevin Kallen

Destiny Drive Results

The Chance Cube‘s Destiny Drive (, which collected cards and dice for the students at Northland Christian School in Kansas City and their board game club, raised over 1200 commons, 150 uncommons, 115 rares, and 7 legendaries. These cards have been instrumental in rekindling student interest in Destiny and getting the kids excited for the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion! Continue reading for a look at special donors, prizes, and pictures of students with their favorite cards!

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Star Wars: Destiny – A Draft Report

Drafting is one of my favorite aspects of collectible card games. Now that Star Wars: Destiny has been released, a group from our local game store decided to give drafting a try. Bear in mind that, at the time of this article, Fantasy Flight Games does not have any rules for this style of play. What follows is a description of our draft and possible solutions for improving the drafting format.

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Star Wars: Destiny and Dice Masters – A Balanced Comparison

As a high school teacher who runs Dice Masters tournaments for my students, I’ve been getting many questions about Star Wars: Destiny. The questions usually go something like this: “So, is Destiny pretty much a Star Wars version of Dice Masters?” To which I respond “Well, they both use cards and dice, but beyond that they are very different games!”

In this article, I will outline the similarities and differences between Star Wars: Destiny and Dice Masters. In preparing for this article I asked members of the Facebook group Destiny Shapers how they thought the two games compared to each other. I received many thoughtful comments, which you will find spread throughout this article.

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Training Your Padawan

As a father and high school teacher, I often find it difficult to connect with my kids. I have noticed, and studies confirm, that American youth are increasingly isolated, both from each other and especially from their parents. This isolation is tied in large part to the surge of technology within the last 15 years. Most of us have seen two young adults sitting together in a restaurant, physically together, but relationally separated by the screens in their hands. Unfortunately, this is the new normal for adolescents.

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