Cube Update

Destiny Drive Results

The Chance Cube‘s Destiny Drive (, which collected cards and dice for the students at Northland Christian School in Kansas City and their board game club, raised over 1200 commons, 150 uncommons, 115 rares, and 7 legendaries. These cards have been instrumental in rekindling student interest in Destiny and getting the kids excited for the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion! Continue reading for a look at special donors, prizes, and pictures of students with their favorite cards!

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The Chance Cube Reacts: Spirit of Rebellion Pre-release Event

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced a preview event for the Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Star Wars: Destiny. The event will take place April 1-2 at local retailers around the world (check local listings). Stores will have alternate art cards to hand out, but only to those who complete mini-objectives listed on “Mission Brief” cards. There will also be open play events and boosters available for sale (in limited amounts).

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