Artificery 5th Tabletop Simulator Tournament – April 15th at 10 am!

Want to participate in a tournament and win awesome prizes, but don’t have the cards you want to play because of a lack of supply of Star Wars: Destiny – Awakenings in your area? Or maybe you want to try some cards from Star Wars: Destiny – Spirit of Rebellion before the set his the streets May 4th?… Read More

So What Did You Pull? A Recap of Our Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Pre-Release

What a weekend!!!! The Pre-Release excitement was all over the web and whether you went to one event or twelve there was a lot of new material to take in. I think the best part was seeing so much excitement in the community again. We’ve been anxiously awaiting new cards for what feels like forever, and they’re finally here!… Read More

Product Review: Deluxe Deck Box (Armada Games)

While you only ever really need to have one deck to play Star Wars: Destiny, if you’re like me, you’ll want to pack more than one most of the time. Anytime that I’m headed to a casual meetup, I usually bring more than one deck. And that means that while single deck boxes are great, they’re somewhat less desirable than a deck box that can accommodate multiple decks. Enter the Deluxe Deck Box from Armada Games that holds three complete decks with dice. It certainly sounds like a convenient solution, but can it really hold three decks in a way that is convenient, organized, and portable? Let’s find out!… Read More

5 Tips for New Star Wars: Destiny players

So you wanna play Star Wars: Destiny. I know at first glance the game looks both exciting and intimidating. Both are true, the game is very exciting and fun. Especially being in its infancy, you can grow with the meta. Yet, the game can be intimidating at the same time. Lack of product and a strong following can make it tough to break into the game and be competitive. But with these tips, hopefully you can jump in head first and start enjoying this wonderful game Fantasy Flight Games has provided us in no time.Read More