Fantasy Flight Preview – Way of the Force – Red Villain

One of the scariest villains in the Star Wars universe, General Grievous – Fearsome Cyborg (WF21), is making his second appearance in the upcoming Destiny release Way of the Force. And boy is he better. The Fearsome Cyborg also gets to bring along his favorite mode of transportation, the General Grievous Wheel Bike (WF31), a support vehicle that packs a punch. No Grievous appearance would be complete without an event that supports his penchant to wield lots of weapons, Furious Assault (WF23). These 3 cards round out the first set of Red spoilers we saw from FFG this week. Let’s take a second and really dissect these awesome Red Villian cards.

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The Process to Create Fan Alt Art Star Wars Destiny Cards

At a past Store Championship event I placed in the top 8 for the first time and in that great event I received an alt art card that was based on Obi Wan Kenobi (SOR27). After see this card I knew I was hooked on the look and idea of Fan Alt Art Star Wars: Destiny Cards that played to exactly what the players were looking for or did not even know they were looking for. I wanted to know more about the process and what it takes to make these cards, to start I spoke with the man behind organizing and running the Store Championship at Game On in Prescott, Arizona. Russell Carroll has a great deal of knowledge in regards to creating and producing these cards and I asked him to explain the process in his own words.

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4 Ways to Be a Product Champion

Last December, while visiting my FLGS (friendly local game store), I saw a gravity feed of Star Wars: Destiny Awakenings.  Knowing nothing of the game (but being an avid fan of card games and Star Wars), I purchased one of each Awakenings starter and five booster packs.  My first legendary was a Millennium Falcon (AW49); it went in a Finn deck – clearly primed for FFG World Championships.  After lovingly forcing my wife to play a few games, I realized I needed other people to play this amazing game.

Over the next few months, I helped my FLGS go from selling five packs from their only box of Awakenings to ordering 36 boxes in the first wave of Empire at War.  I went from being the only player I knew to hosting a weekly casual play night with an average attendance of 10, and routine events of 12-26 people.

Here are a few tips on how you can become your local product champion and help build your local scene.

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Trials Worthy of Any Jedi, FFG Introduces New Organized Play Formats

Star Wars Destiny Organized Play Formats

Awakenings introduced us all to Star Wars: Destiny, the beginning of our path as mere Padawans (the good kind, not the kind that kills younglings and/or whines about sand; seriously, who wants to sound like that guy?). Our trials in this instance are the new Organized Play Formats that Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) introduced today, merely weeks after announcing Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, which unveiled the new draft style format. While many enjoy the current format there are those with many questions that leave them either excited or skeptical, such as what are these new formats, why are they needed, how will we keep everything organized? Well my young Padawan learner, let’s dive in!

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You get Errata, you get Errata, WE ALL GET ERRATA!! Aka so long to the ongoing eCad/ePhasma.

First, a shout out to my homie FN-2199… you got hit with not one but TWO hammers of justice because you were just so good.

With Fantasy Flight updating the Rules References, it will bring about a new meta for all to see. While the official date of acceptance is not until November 6th, I’m already just planning events and decks in my head based off the new rules.

Let’s break it down to what is now “fixed” and what this blogger thinks still needs to be addressed.

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