Deck Analysis

eYoda/eZeb – AKA How I Learned to Hate Yoda…

Welcome back ladies and girls to another round of.. HOW CRAZY CAN “THE KEN” BE!! After the Star Wars Legacies preview articles dropped, I, like everyone else, saw Yoda and was wondering how broken he might actually be. So far, I’ve seen quite a bit of the decks out there with Poe (TP25) and Yoda, but I wasn’t a fan of them, so I wanted to just make someone new more brutal. I chose Zeb as my original go-to guy as I love that his dice can go either melee or ranged and help with things such as the Light Bow to let you roll out with it and then resolve them to your hearts content. Also with Zeb’s ability, he makes it so that his dice can’t be Deflected (AW145). With the heroes chosen, the next step is to find out what to include. Obviously with Yoda you want to include stuff that has specials so you can chain them and make it work out for you. At least that’s what the idea was with this deck at this point. Having played it today, I feel more like Yoda doesn’t need to particularly special-chain for this deck.

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Welcome to Legacies, Age of the Mono Blue Heroes!

With Legacies primarily dropping in large quantities all over Europe, it’s only appropriate that we begin addressing the meta as something new. With hopeful eyes we look to that which we know for guidance; and come up empty.

Through three tournaments and a lot of playtesting, the one thing that the new Legacies set has revealed to me, is that we will have to rethink the meta.

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Let’s start at the beginning….

Again.. after each new set it seems like we are always starting out with a fresh new set of cards getting the whole Meta figured out. So far I think there are going to be some FUN decks as well as some competitive ones out there from the days of old that might be able to come back to the top. Let’s go over some of the fun decks that I’ve found so far.

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Come join the Dark Side, we’ve got cookies!!!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written before the release of Empire at War, and will not include any cards from the set.]

So as most of you know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Han/Rey, and I’m finally of the opinion that they just won’t work for me. So I have taken that deck apart and am now working on a Darth Vader (AW10) and Royal Guard (SR12).

Then of course, we just got this fancy new two-player starter set with new cards.

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Deck Tech – Breaking the Mold

When I first sat down to write this article, I figured I would just do what I always do and start with the deck list, break down a few key cards, and give a final few thoughts. But when I started thinking about that, it just felt boring and the deck I have today isn’t boring at all, so I wanted to take a different approach. And ultimately this article is a cross between breaking down an intriguing new deck and trying to figure out how to topple the powerhouse of Poe/Maz.

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Deck Analysis 101: Shield Slinging

For a while now, I have been slogging through match after match against the dreaded Jango/eBala/Trooper deck, or the ever present Blue Villain pick-a-character decks. While I have found some of these decks to be something I enjoy playing, I wanted to branch out a bit from my comfort zone. This has given rise to me going back and tweaking one of my first decks which was focused around Qui-Gon Jinn (AW37), whose ability can be rather frustrating to play against. Anytime you are able to gain a two-for-one benefit from a characters ability, you are setting yourself up nicely to come out ahead in a game. In my opinion, Qui-Gon Jinn does a good job of doing this by converting defensive staying power into damage-dealing potential with his ability to convert shields into damage pings. So before we get too far into the thoughts behind the deck, let’s take a look at the current version of the deck I have been running with good success.

The Deck

Echo Base, Hoth (AW166)

2x Qui-Gon Jinn, Ataru Master (AW37)
2x Rey, Force Prodigy (AW38)

2x Force Protection (AW39)
2x Jedi Robes (AW40)
1x Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (AW41)
1x One With The Force (AW42)
2x Force Throw (AW57)
2x Force Training (AW58)
2x Lightsaber (AW59)
1x Mind Probe (AW60)
2x Datapad (AW62)

2x It Binds All Things (AW150)

2x Defensive Stance (AW115)
2x Riposte (AW121)
1x Willpower (AW122)
2x Deflect (AW145)
1x The Power of the Force (AW148)
2x Use The Force (AW149)
1x Dodge (AW155)
2x Take Cover (AW157)


Instead of going over the deck card-for-card, I figured I would break down the key concepts for the deck, and the place to start is Shield generation. In total, there are potentially 21 different ways to get a Shield onto Qui-Gon Jinn in this deck.… Read More

Deck Power Rankings Part 2 – Heroes

Earlier I posted a Part 1 – Villains article talking about the meta, how it shifts, and what are current meta-defining decks and how they work. This blog post will cover the Heroes side of the game. Again, this will cover the decks I have played, or played against, and there are always a lot of experimental lists out there.

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Deck Power Rankings Part 1 – Villains

The meta in any collectible game is always shifting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few weeks after a product release or a few months, players always find a way to incorporate new deck strategies, which in turn leads to other players creating strategies to beat those. The change can be as simple as replacing a card or two, or even revamping an entire deck archetype. It is a vicious cycle that many, including myself, love. It applies to a whole lot of games, from Magic: The Gathering to X-Wing to Destiny. This two-part blog will highlight several current meta decks that I encounter (or play) frequently, what makes them popular, and why they work. Their viability in a tournament setting is a rating out of 10 stars. Now, any deck can get lucky once, so this rating is based on consistency of the deck.

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