Yellow (Rogue)

Destiny Origins: Who is Doctor Aphra and BT-1?

There are some great characters in the films, but with the ever expanding canon of Star Wars, there have been some amazing characters show up in other mediums.  With the recent announcement of LegaciesStar Wars: Destiny has brought the infamous Doctor Aphra and her droid companion BT-1 into the game.  Where do these two come from and how did it influence the design of their card?  Let’s take a look!… Read More

Theme Teams 01 – Rey and Chewbacca

In this series, we’ll be considering viable decks with a thematic flair. That means you won’t see any mention of improbable or impossible team ups like Vader/Raider or Qui-Gon/Rey. We’ll also be skipping decks like Poe/Maz which, while thematically possible, have already been discussed enough at length to not need further consideration. Instead, you’re going to find ideas for team ups of characters, partial deck lists, and some analysis of how to play each deck optimally. Be forewarned that these deck lists may leave room for improvement. But we’re going for theme here, and sometimes that comes at the expense of success. Use these articles as a starting point, and then feel free to branch out and customize your deck in the way that works best for you!… Read More

Destiny Origins: Who is the Death Trooper?

The Men in Black

One of the most striking images from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Director Krennic (SR3), flanked by his personal squad of Death Troopers (SR1). Star Wars fans are used to seeing Imperial troops decked out in white uniforms, so the sight of the new class of trooper was very impactful.… Read More