Steve Mcgillivray

Destiny Origins: Who is the Death Trooper?

The Men in Black

One of the most striking images from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Director Krennic (SR3), flanked by his personal squad of Death Troopers (SR1). Star Wars fans are used to seeing Imperial troops decked out in white uniforms, so the sight of the new class of trooper was very impactful.

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Card Dissection: Jango Fett (AW21)

Another week, another dissection with my good friend and fellow UK gamer Steve Mcgillivray. I must first put out that the discussion below is going to be based on my experience in playing against Jango Fett (AW21), rather than personal play. Even though Jango smashed my decks on several occasions, he is an amazing card and I plan on testing with him myself very soon.

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Destiny Origins: Who is Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley?

Exclusive Spoiler

Here at The Chance Cube, we were lucky enough to have three exclusive Spirit of Rebellion spoilers this week and today I’ll take a look at the origins of the character card we spoiled. Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley (SR29) the Recon Specialist is a vital part of the Resistance efforts to combat the tyrannical First Order. An ace pilot, he was tasked with flying an important recon mission to gather data on Starkiller Base. ‘Snap’ is also part of the planning process for the last ditch mission against the dreaded superweapon.

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Destiny Origins: First Order TIE Fighter

Imperial Origins

When FN-2187 decides to do the right thing and free Poe Dameron (AW29) from captivity aboard Finalizer, the pair flee aboard a very familiar looking ship, a First Order Special Forces TIE fighter. The TIE (Twin Ion Engines) fighter is well known to all Star Wars fans, featuring in many iconic battles with Rebel ships. The first glimpse of the Imperial TIE came when the Millennium Falcon engaged a group whilst fleeing Tattooine.

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Destiny Origins: Who is Leia Organa?

If there’s one woman in the Star Wars universe that needs no introduction, it’s Leia Organa (AW28). As her text says right under the name on her card, Leia is a “born leader,” as well as being a pivotal figure in the saga. In the unlikely event you haven’t seen the Original Trilogy or The Force Awakens, then be aware that spoilers will follow, as this article looks at Leia’s cinematic journey.

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Card Dissection/Destiny Origins: Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi (SR37)?

In the last few days Fantasy Flight Games and Team Covenant posted a new video spoiling some cards from the upcoming set Spirit of Rebellion. Among the cards they spoiled was Obi-Wan Kenobi (SR37). To many older Star Wars fans, myself included, Obi-Wan was the first glimpse of the mysterious Jedi and the first time the words “the Force” were heard. What is the story behind the reclusive resident of Tatooine?

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Destiny Origins: Who is Captain Phasma?

There are few characters in the Star Wars universe as striking as Captain Phasma (AW1). Perhaps underused in Episode VII: The Force Awakens, she’ll be back in her shining armor in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi but what is the story behind the First Order’s Stormtrooper Commander?

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