Ruben Sanchez

The Chance Cube Exclusive: Empire at War Spoilers

Thanks to the graciousness of Fantasy Flight Games, we are happy to bring you a few spoilers from Empire at War. One from each color, with our name sake finally finding its way onto a card.  Enjoy the cards and the thoughts from our family on each one.  Be sure to check out our Podcast Byte and YouTube video as well.… Read More

The Chance Cube Reacts: Spirit of Rebellion Pre-release Event

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced a preview event for the Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Star Wars: Destiny. The event will take place April 1-2 at local retailers around the world (check local listings). Stores will have alternate art cards to hand out, but only to those who complete mini-objectives listed on “Mission Brief” cards. There will also be open play events and boosters available for sale (in limited amounts).… Read More

Trade or Trade Not; There Is No Try

Star Wars: Destiny has been officially out for less than two months, and the community can be grouped into two categories: those who have access to available product and those that do not. Scarcity of both starters and boosters in Star Wars: Destiny has made trading even more important, however, trading has always been an integral part of any collectible card game (CCG). Players may trade to complete their playset of cards, acquire duplicates of cards that they need for multiple decks, or even trade simply for the social experience. Social media websites have revolutionized the CCG trading market over the past several years meaning that many people have taken to Destiny Shapers Marketplace in hopes of getting another Sith Holocron (AW16) or perhaps that hard to get Legendary Force Choke (AW13).… Read More

Ruben’s TTS League Report – Episode I

Hello fellow dice throwers! Welcome to the TTS League Report for the most incredible game in this galaxy called Star Wars: Destiny. In this article and subsequent ones I will discuss each game I play against in the league tournament. I plan to discuss my initial thoughts, how the game went, any changes I plan to do for each round, and my final thoughts. I also want the reader to keep in mind that i am using only the cards I own in my collection. I suppose I can maximize each card but I know that in a real tournament if I don’t have the card, I cannot use it.  The Tournament Organizer told all players they can switch out decks in between games and/or cards. I plan to tweak my deck but not change it to a new one.

So let’s get on with the show….… Read More