Matthew Scott

Product Review: Star Wars: Destiny Play Mats (A Game of Dice and Ire)

By now, many of you have likely seen the beautiful game mats being produced by A Game of Dice and Ire. While many players design and print their own play mats through printing services like Inked Gaming, there are a few designers of Destiny specific play mats on the market. So are these mats worth your consideration and investment? Let’s find out!Read More

Card Dissection: Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152)

There are a lot of cards to be excited about in Spirit of Rebellion, but in spite of all of the seemingly amazing cards that are sure to change our meta, I keep finding myself being most excited about Cargo Hold – Eravana (SR152). That’s right; Force Speed (SR55) is amazing, Fast Hands (SR150) is really good, and of course, Palpatine (SR11) is going to get some love, even if he turns out to be non-competitive. And don’t get me wrong, those cards are great, but I’m still most excited about Cargo Hold, and I’m going to tell you why!… Read More

Product Review: Deluxe Deck Box (Armada Games)

While you only ever really need to have one deck to play Star Wars: Destiny, if you’re like me, you’ll want to pack more than one most of the time. Anytime that I’m headed to a casual meetup, I usually bring more than one deck. And that means that while single deck boxes are great, they’re somewhat less desirable than a deck box that can accommodate multiple decks. Enter the Deluxe Deck Box from Armada Games that holds three complete decks with dice. It certainly sounds like a convenient solution, but can it really hold three decks in a way that is convenient, organized, and portable? Let’s find out!… Read More

Product Review: Destiny Tournament Tray (TeeHee Game Loot)

A few months ago, my Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) shared an image of some new custom, laser cut deck boxes that they were carrying in the store. These slim, easily portable Tournament Trays came from TeeHee Game Loot, and as soon as I saw them, I knew that I had to pick one up. Though I bought mine from my FLGS, who purchased them in large number from TeeHee Game Loot, you can also purchase them directly from their Etsy store with either a plain top or with custom art (for no additional fee). The boxes come unassembled and will require a small amount of labor and glue to construct. So are they worth the effort? Let’s check them out and see!… Read More

“A Diplomatic Mission” – An Advanced Multiplayer Variant for 4-6 Players

Our third Multiplayer Variant option is an Advanced format that requires a bit of preparation and some extra materials to be played. Fans of social deduction games will likely be drawn to this format, as it increases the player interaction across the table and adds a layer of subtext, mystery, and complexity to the game. This format is recommended for players who have already mastered the basic rules. Of all of the multiplayer variants, this one is perhaps the most likely to need tweaks for balance after sufficient playtesting, so if you have any thoughts after giving it a try, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!… Read More

A Review of the Destiny Tokens Set by Broken Egg Games

Last November, I picked up a set of Destiny Tokens from Broken Egg Games. I was eager to review these after receiving them because I had anticipated them a lot, but I decided to be patient and spend some actual game time with them before rushing out an official review. Broken Egg’s Destiny Token Set includes 35 double sided tokens. Each token is printed with a “Light Side” and “Dark Side” graphic. The images are printed on the same side so the Light Side image is visible on one side of the token and the Dark Side is visible through the clear acrylic on the other side. The set includes 10 1-damage tokens, 5 3-damage tokens, 10 Shield tokens, and 10 Resource tokens.… Read More

Trade or Trade Not; There Is No Try

Star Wars: Destiny has been officially out for less than two months, and the community can be grouped into two categories: those who have access to available product and those that do not. Scarcity of both starters and boosters in Star Wars: Destiny has made trading even more important, however, trading has always been an integral part of any collectible card game (CCG). Players may trade to complete their playset of cards, acquire duplicates of cards that they need for multiple decks, or even trade simply for the social experience. Social media websites have revolutionized the CCG trading market over the past several years meaning that many people have taken to Destiny Shapers Marketplace in hopes of getting another Sith Holocron (AW16) or perhaps that hard to get Legendary Force Choke (AW13).… Read More

“No Disintegrations” – An Intermediate Multiplayer Variant for 3-4 Players

Our second multiplayer variant is designed to add a bit more cunning, negotiation, and strategy into your games of Star Wars: Destiny. While the official Free-For-All variant affords 3-4 players the opportunity to play together, games often become more about the impromptu social contracts that form – “He’s running Vader! Let’s kill Vader first!” There’s certainly nothing wrong with this format, but players who are seeking a more complex format might be interested in trying their hand at “No Disintegrations” – a multiplayer variant for 3-4 players that focuses less on “teaming up” against an opponent and more on accomplishing your own unique goal.… Read More