Guest Post

A Casual Player’s Perspective of the Australian Nationals

Today, we share an article from guest author Simon Turner about his experiences in the Australian Nationals.

Star Wars: Destiny Australian Nationals

A Report From a Casual Gamer

By Simon Turner

“Hmm, time to put together a deck for the Australian Nationals,” I tell my deck-building buddy the night before the competition. “I need a deck that can win, what do you like?”

“What? You never play decks that can win!” He says. “I like Wookiees.”

So we end up with a deck that has a Wookiee theme. It even has a fun opener. When I sit down and my opponent asks: “So what are you playing?” I go: “Wookiee.” And place down a Wookiee Warrior. “Wookiee” as I place the second one, followed immediately by slapping my hand down on them saying “Snap!” as I place Snap Wexley down.

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Showing Some Love for Supports (Empire At War Reaction, Part 2)

Just when you think things can’t get any more exciting, we get a new set of spoilers for Empire at War. Thanks to a video release by Team Covenant, we are now able to explore a new set of cards from the upcoming set! We collected the thoughts of several members of The Chance Cube Family as well as our Patreon supporters about all the new cards we got to see.

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Guest Post: Tournament Play Etiquette

Today, we share an article from guest author Paolo Fernandes, about the importance of etiquette and how to enjoy the tournament scene.

Tournament Play Etiquette

By Paolo Fernandes


I know playing Destiny is not at all about trophies or medals (but as are you all, I’m extremely excited Worlds is around the corner), and even less about fame and leaving a legacy to your family’s name. But we cannot deny a very large group of players have been drawn by how competitive Star Wars: Destiny can be. The competitive scene, as in any other game, can be both fun, engaging, and challenging, but also frustrating and disappointing, depending on how you experience it.

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Guest Post: Tournament Report – Grievous/Nightsister/Tusken Raider

Allow us to present a tournament report from guest writer Laura Keith:

I play a lot of Game of Thrones tournaments, but this was my first Star Wars: Destiny event. We had a great group of players and it was a really fun day. I had only played this deck twice before the tournament and lost both times to eHan/eRey, so I assumed I wouldn’t do well, but I still wanted to playtest a bit. I think it turned out alright! There are a few details I do remember, since I wasn’t planning on doing a write-up, I wasn’t paying super-close attention.

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Deck Analysis: Darth Vader + eJabba

This guest post was provided by Christopher Dale Bates, winner of the 2017 Winter Destiny Shapers Tournament.

This is the deck I used to win the 54 person Winter 2017 Destiny Shapers Tournament at the Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville, MN. This is a Vader/Jabba deck that focused on mill and Crimelord as its main way to win the game but can still do some damage in a pinch. While I went undefeated during the event, I have to admit that I did not face any heavy agro decks (like anything with Jango in it). This deck would have difficulty countering the strength of Jango.

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Deck Analysis 101: Vader/Raider Control

Controlling Your Destiny:
An in-depth look at Vader Raider Control

by Will Klein

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been enamored with Destiny, just like I have been for the past 2 months. The strategy, deckbuilding potential, and the anticipation created by rolling the dice has really tapped into something special (yeah, like that warm embrace from Han kind of special… mmmm)… was that out loud?

I’m lucky to live in Minneapolis (bahaha! It’s -3°F right now), only 10 minutes from Fantasy Flight’s headquarters with their ridiculously nice game center and an awesome player base. At the first pre-release event in November, I opened a Vader, calmly went and changed my undies, and was hooked ever since.

I’ve loved trying out lots of different decks at casual nights and in testing, but I’ve only used my main squeeze: Vader Raider in tournaments. Blue-yellow villain has access to the best control and direct damage cards in the game paired with some of the strongest character dice and abilities. After 9 tournaments, I still think it’s the best deck in the format and it’s not even close. **distant sounds of an angry mob assembling**

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GUEST POST – Tournament Report: Family Time Games in Indianapolis

On December 31, 2017 at Noon, Family Time Games in Indianapolis had 33 seekers of the Force in a Clash of Fates. To the victor, Kylo Ren alternate-art Card and boosters were at stake. Kylo Ren alternate-art cards going to top four. One full box of 36 boosters to winner, 8 booster packs to 2nd thru 4th and 4 boosters to those in 5th thru 16th. Everyone who participated received alternate-art card of the First Order Tie Fighter.

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