Introducing Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Sets

Have you heard the news? A new way of playing Star Wars: Destiny is on the way just over a week after Legacies was announced! Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announced Star Wars: Destiny – Rivals, allowing for a draft system to be used bringing about another evolution to gameplay. The Draft system is kicked off with a special Draft set called Rivals as pictured below. There are 20 cards within the Draft Set that are meant to supplement the booster packs you would pull from draft and sealed play events. These sets come with characters, supports, upgrades, and events of every color, giving you the ability to build a deck for Draft and Sealed events.… Read More

A Casual Player’s Perspective of the Australian Nationals

Today, we share an article from guest author Simon Turner about his experiences in the Australian Nationals.

Star Wars: Destiny Australian Nationals

A Report From a Casual Gamer

By Simon Turner

“Hmm, time to put together a deck for the Australian Nationals,” I tell my deck-building buddy the night before the competition. “I need a deck that can win, what do you like?”

“What? You never play decks that can win!” He says. “I like Wookiees.”

So we end up with a deck that has a Wookiee theme. It even has a fun opener. When I sit down and my opponent asks: “So what are you playing?” I go: “Wookiee.” And place down a Wookiee Warrior. “Wookiee” as I place the second one, followed immediately by slapping my hand down on them saying “Snap!” as I place Snap Wexley down.… Read More

Star Wars: Destiny Australian National Championship

Saturday, October 7th marked the Star Wars:Destiny Australian National Championship with a field of 99 participants. The results of Australia’s tournament truly speaks to the meta that we are in post-Empire at War and with the addition of the Two Player Box. First place was won by Blake Moody who was piloting eFN-2199 (SR2) and eKylo Ren (TP1), which is currently at the top of the meta, with many speculating that Fn-2199 will soon see a nerf to his ability. Within the top 10 of the tournament, four of the decks piloted were eFN-2199 and eKylo Ren, take a look below to see the top 10 from Saturday’s event.… Read More

Legacies…. whoa momma!!


If you’ve been living under a rock the last few hours then you haven’t seen the new Legacies set previews. It seems we are FINALLY getting a BOBA FETT!!! No need to hunt down those random booster packs, we’re getting him in a starter format for us!

Now we can finally pair him and his “dad,” Jango, together!… Read More

Destiny Origins: Who is Doctor Aphra and BT-1?

There are some great characters in the films, but with the ever expanding canon of Star Wars, there have been some amazing characters show up in other mediums.  With the recent announcement of LegaciesStar Wars: Destiny has brought the infamous Doctor Aphra and her droid companion BT-1 into the game.  Where do these two come from and how did it influence the design of their card?  Let’s take a look!… Read More

Legacies Coming to Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars Destiny Legacies

Introducing Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies

In September, Fantasy Flight Games launched Star Wars: Destiny – Empire at War. Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new set of boosters and starter sets coined Legacies. While many players are still getting into the groove of Empire at War, we now have a new series of characters, upgrades, supports, and events to wrap our heads around in anticipation of the unknown release date of Star Wars: Destiny – Legacies.… Read More

Come join the Dark Side, we’ve got cookies!!!

[Editor’s Note: This article was written before the release of Empire at War, and will not include any cards from the set.]

So as most of you know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Han/Rey, and I’m finally of the opinion that they just won’t work for me. So I have taken that deck apart and am now working on a Darth Vader (AW10) and Royal Guard (SR12).

Then of course, we just got this fancy new two-player starter set with new cards.… Read More

Star Wars: Destiny Panel at NOVA Open

For many of us, it feels like we’ve been playing Star Wars: Destiny forever, when in actuality, the game has only been around about nine months. That brief time period was discussed in a panel held at the NOVA Open, and The Chance Cube was there to listen in. The panel consisted of the winner of the U.S. national tournament, Nick Wilson, and the runner-up, Matt Schmaltz; content providers, Rick from The Knights of Ren, and our own Ruben Sanchez; and one of the designers of Star Wars: Destiny, Jeremy Zwirn from Fantasy Flight Games. Zach Bunn of Team Covenant acted as moderator, asking for responses from the panel members before allowing a few questions from the audience.… Read More

Card Dissection: Ahsoka Tano (EW31)

My girl is here!!! Finally, Ahsoka comes to Star Wars: Destiny. This is a character card that once I saw, I knew I had do a card Dissection on. I know we don’t have the full set for Empire at War, but that doesn’t mean that we can not look at her as is. Join me as we take a look at the card my favorite character, Ashoka Tano (EW31).… Read More