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Welcome, everyone, to The Chance Cube’s Star Wars: Destiny Card Price Watch page. This page serves as a resource for those who are looking for the value of Star Wars: Destiny rare and legendary cards. This guide will focus on US-based in-stock sources as its resource, but will include others if they list prices in US dollars. We also will include prices from other sources as they appear and are able to be added. How the values were determined, as well as what is and isn’t included in determining the value of a card for Ebay’s most recent sales will be covered at the bottom of this page. We hope that you enjoy this data, and please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Without further ado, let’s get into our list.

Top 10 valued cards as of 08/15/2017:
1. Force Speed – $59.99 *New
2. Darth Vader (AW) – 38.67 *Down from last week’s #1
3. Palpatine – $28.44 *Down from last week’s #2
4. Z6 Riot Control Baton – $25.99 *Up from last week’s #9
5. One With the Force – $25.88 *Down from last week’s #3
6. Han Solo – $24.03 *Down from last week’s #4
7. Luke Skywalker – $22.62
8. Poe Dameron – $22. 52 *Down from last week’s #6
9. Rocket Launcher – $22.30 *New
10. Force Choke – $22.15 *Down from last week’s #8

Top 10 valued Spirit of Rebellion cards as of 08/15/2017:
1. Force Speed – $59.99 *New
2. Palpatine – $28.44 *Down from last week’s #1
3. Z6 Riot Control Baton – $25.99 *Down from last week’s #2
4. Rocket Launcher – $22.30
5. Force Lightning – $20.53 *Down from last week’s #3
6. Vibroknife – $14.16 *Down from last week’s #5
7. Maz’s Goggles – $12.49 *New
8. Blackmail – $12.18 *Down from last week’s #6
9. Chewbacca – $11.60 *Down from last week’s #7
10. U-Wing – $11.49 *New

Top 10 valued Awakenings cards as of 08/15/2017:
1. Darth Vader – $38.67
2. One With the Force – $25.88
3. Han Solo – $24.03
4. Luke Skywalker – $22.62 *Up from last week’s #6
5. Poe Dameron – $22. 52
6. Force Choke – $22.15 *Up from last week’s #7
7. Thermal Detonator – $21.30 *Down from last week’s #4
8. Jabba the Hutt – $19.81
9. Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber – $16.93
10. Holdout Blaster – $15.88

Arrowstar Games *updated 08/15/2017*
Bytown Trader -Canada *updated 08/15/2017*
Cool Stuff Inc. *updated 08/15/2017*
Destiny Mart *updated 08/15/2017*
Discount Games Inc. *updated 08/15/2017*
Ebay *updated 08/15/2017*
Game Haven *updated 08/15/2017*
Games 2 You *updated 08/15/2017*
King Wood Hobbies *updated 08/15/2017*
Kirwan’s Game Store *updated 08/15/2017*
Miniature Market *updated 08/15/2017*
Sparta Games *updated 08/15/2017*
Tabletop Games *updated 08/15/2017*
Team Covenant *updated 08/15/2017*
Top Deck TCG  *updated 08/15/2017*
Troll and Toad *updated 08/15/2017*

International sales sites:
401 Games -Canada
Board Game Central -Canada
Cosmic Toys -Canada
Face to Face Games: Singles via Ebay, Singles – Canada
The Game Cube -Australia
Ludi World -France
Ludo Trotter -Germany
Magice Stronghold -Canada
Three Kings loot Inc. -Canada
Wizard’s Tower -Canada

Price Watch Top 10 Achieves

The Ebay value breakdown:
Listings must include both the card and die unless the card was made/given out without a die (e.g., promos), must not be in a lot with other non-matching items (exceptions made for the Gen Con Promos), must have a visible value of what it sold for, be a listing with the same number of cards and matching dice (e.g., 3 Rey cards and 3 Rey dice). Exceptions are made for starter cards that come with two dice. When this happens there will be a note by the price. All listings with multiple copies of the same card will be divided to reflect a value for a single copy.

The other sites breakdown:
If listing is “Out of Stock,” the value will NOT be listed

If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or feedback regarding this or any other resource please send an email to and we will get back you as soon as we can.